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  1. So If you have one of this slots and you want to swape tell me here thank's
  2. Ok so If Someone would like to swap slot, tell me here the detail of my flights is here Departure airport : Milan Malpensa Airport Departure time :13:01:00 UTC Arrival Airport : Lynden Pindling International Airport I would like to fly from Lisbon ; Amsterdam; Milan Malpensa ; Frankfurt ; Copenhague; Oslo ; London Heathrow ; Brussel ;Manchester ; Dublin I would like to fly to this airport from the departure airport above Toronto ; Miami ; Lynden Pindling International Airport ;Washington or Boston And I would like a departure time From
  3. Ok but how to change slots with another person and you don't recommend it, right?
  4. Ok but I can make this flight it's juste would prefer make a flight from Lisbon but thank's and you say the next week there are some slot that we can reserve ?
  5. Ok but can I swithc my airport departure because I prefer fly from Lisbon and when it's Zulu in France it's a departure time : 15h and it's a very late departure for a flight of 8 hours and 20 min and two hours Ahmed of Zulu time and I would like fly from Lisbon can you switch my departure airport please and sorry for my English I'm French and I'm 14 years old and thank you on advance
  6. Hello I would like to know on my dashboard there is written departure time: 2021-04-24 13:01:00 but is it in UTC / Zulu time or you have adapted in local time since I live in France it's been 3 p.m. French time? Is it possible to change the route I would have preferred to do Lisbon to Lynden Pindling International Airports but it is not available and as a flight I took Milan Malpensa to Lynden Pindling International Airports then I just change the departure to go from Lisbon
  7. Bonjour j'aimerais savoir sur mon tableau de bord il y a écrit heure de départ : 2021-04-24 13:01:00 mais est ce en heure UTC/Zulu ou vous avez adapté en heure locale vue que j'habite en France cela fait 15 heure heure française ? Est ce possible de changer de trajet j'aurais préféré faire Lisbonne vers l' Aéroports International Lynden Pindling mais il n'est pas disponible et comme vol j'ai pris Milan Malpensa vers Aéroports International Lynden Pindling puis je changer juste le départ pour partir de Lisbonne
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