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  1. It has been 4 days and this behavior is consistent. TYPICAL SCENARIO Connected to Sim Connected to Voice COM1 and COM2 tuned to valid frequencies (usually COM1 = CTL Center, COM2 = 122.800) COM1 receiving; COM2 mute ERROR OCCURS WHEN... Nothing coming over COM1 for a few seconds or > 1 minute I do not TX (just listening) Controller issues instructions to Pilot X; Response(s) from Pilot X 1 or 2 of these exchanges can be clearly heard, then... Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Internal library error 20 SPECS Wi-Fi
  2. Please Help! Nothing I have done to ameliorate this constant voice server disconnecting, Internal library error 20, from recurring has worked. Firewall changes, run as Admin, even adding port forwarding (yes, I have complete control of my router) has made a difference. This is a typical sequence: [22:30:15] Connected to voice server. [22:31:17] Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Internal library error 20 [22:31:21] Disconnected from network. and again... [22:31:23] Connecting to network... [22:31:23] Connected to network. [22:31:23] SERVER: Welcome to VA
  3. I'm having a similar recurring problem with the voice server. However, in my case it DOES NOT automatically try to reconnect. My error looks like this:
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