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  1. I definitely did use the latest CSL. I may go through and delete everything and try again to make sure. Thanks very much for your assistance.
  2. Actually, all sorted. I think some aircraft dont render but I can manually force it. Swift is very sophisticated and has lots of features.
  3. Further to my previous reply, the ones I can see only the tail ID and not the actual pkane seem not to map correctly to a BB CSL, they simply map to CSL OBJ8?
  4. I downloaded Swift on my Mac for X-Plane and installed BB CSL. It works great but some planes I can’t see particularly A333? any ideas why I don’t see the A333? I did verify that I have the BB CSL.
  5. Thanks very much!! I will try that tonight. Really appreciate your help.
  6. Hi Mats, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I only have a Mac and not PC. xPilot only operates on PC from what I can see. So is my only option swift? I have great trouble understanding the Swift GUI and installing it! Do you have any advice regarding installation of swift? Also where do I download Bluebell csl?
  7. I am a Mac user, X-Plane (metal) and can’t see any live traffic when logged onto Vatsim using xSquawkBox. I tried Swift but I only see tail labels and no actual physical planes. can anyone help? thanks
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