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  1. Apologies for the delay in replying, I have the Thrustmaster TFRP's. Regards, Zack
  2. Hi Ross, Thanks for replying so quickly, much appreciated. After doing as you suggested, I was able to set a PTT button on my keyboard. I plugged back in my headset which did not affect PTT settings. I did find however when I plugged back in my rudder pedals (USB), the problem came back. Therefore I can confirm it must have been due to my rudder pedals being plugged in. Regardless, the PTT button setting has remained after plugging back in my pedals and the PTT function is still working. Many thanks again for your suggestion, very much appreciated. Zack
  3. Hello, Wondering if anyone can help? I'm trying to set my PTT button in vPilot, but when pressing a button to set PTT to, vPilot stops responding and it has to close. I've tried re-installing vPilot, this including PC restarts. I've also tried running in Administrator Mode, this also has no effect. I've tried setting different buttons on the keyboard and also have tried setting buttons on the joystick. I've also tried unplugging the joystick and trying to set a PTT button. This again including PC restarts with no effect. I'm unsure of what else to try, could anyone give me some
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