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  1. I have a couple of observations and suggestions for AFV. Is this the correct place to post them, or is there a better place? --Mark
  2. Currently the screen zoom features use the center of the screen as the center of the zoom operation. This is cumbersome as it requires moving the desired point of interest to the center of the screen to avoid your target from being moved off screen during the zoom in. Many other mapping products will center the zoom on the current position of the cursor. I know many controllers are now used to the way VRC zooms now, so I would like to see a selectable option to enable the center of zoom to be set to either center of screen or position of cursor. As this zoom behavior is already common
  3. I have a suggestion for improving the weather panel and buttons. Currently, VRC limits the number of weather stations to 20. There may be a number of reasons for this, but it seems one of the major reasons is the number of buttons created in the button bar when there are lots of weather stations in the panel. I know most CTR controllers are probably using other radar clients, but it would be nice if we could remove the limit on the number of weather stations, and add an ability to mark which ones we want to be displayed in the button bar. The reason for this is we may have a few
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