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  1. Well, excluding Swift exes from the antivirus scan didn't do the trick, but after switching to the latest alpha and reinstalling FSUIPC 3.999, the automatic connexion has been working as expected. I could then revert back to the latest beta, and still get the seamless operation. Hurray! 🥳 Thank you for your support !
  2. You might have nailed it with the antivirus scan. I’ll have a look tonight and check how ut goes if the Swift exes are added to the whitelist. Vielen Dank für diene Hilfe!
  3. Hello Andreas, No, the simulator widget remains empty. What is weird is that I could connect connect seamlessly with the first version of Swift I installed two months ago. No changes to the FS9 config in between.
  4. Hello Andreas! That’s the green band on the top of the screen that reads : « Swiftwin32095151 has joined the session ». Sorry for not being specific enough.
  5. Hello, I too can not connect my FS9 to Swift, neither automatically nor manually through the Multiplayer menu. Swift keeps on bouncing me with the "FSUIPC not connected : incorrect version of FSUIPC, or not FSUIP" error. While trying to connect manually, the Swift WIN320905151 session does show up, the green ribbon appears in sim, but to no avail connectivitywise. Any idea about that? FS9.1 run as administrator on a Win10 rig Swift run as administrator (both lancher and GUI) FSUIPC 3.999z8 registered
  6. Hallo Andreas! Vielen Dank for your reply! The link you posted has brought me to the dedicated « how to manually replace models » page that is really helpful. To be honest, I was a bit concerned that no model would show up if the exact same type was not installed, but after checking again in-sim, this is not the case : the aircraft column of the model widget gives the replacement rule. And the most probable issue I faced might be related to a unsupported model format (P3Dv4+) because while browsing through the airplanes spawned by swift, one was invisible except for the nav
  7. Hello! I am new to both VATSIM and Swift after (too) many years simming offline, and I am really having a ball. Installing Swift was really straightforward with the tutorials, creating the model mapping too. But I faced one issue online today for which I have not been able to find a solution (either here on the forum or on Swift Youtube's video tutorials) : I can not see some other traffic (in that case PA28 and E55P), while a KLM 747 and BA A321 showed up nicely. I suspect the reason is that I don't have any models for PA28 or E55P in my FSX folder. So I would like to know
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