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  1. thanks guys.. i need to update my fmc status as been flying a standard a320 with built in fmc for a age from simvation and need to upgrade. but in certain situiations this has helped matters..many thanks..
  2. thanks..can you give e.g of a no sid/star flight plan kden kden ifr fl180 ????
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    hi again..been with vatsim now for a while and one question from pilot to atc is. sometimes my fmc wont give me the sid or star required by atc , so in this case would it be a problem to ask atc to vector to the sid or star. i sometimes plot out the sid through charts and transfer to gps but this takes an age, so in this matter those vectors would be handy.
  4. thank you guys..i find vattastic a good tool regarding my first post..it provides good infomation
  5. hi there..new to vatsim and a very good platform, been on fs open for a age and it would be good to have a world map here to see where all traffic and controllers are active around world..i beleive there is a add on called vat spy which does this..??
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