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  1. It did! Turned out that i had forgotten to wait ofc, and empower my radios. Was only connected to unicom today, hopefully i didn’t waste your time 😅
  2. Allright, roger that. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey fellow pilots, i've got a quick question; is callsigns from defunct/fictional airlines allowed to be used on VATSIM? For example Color Air (1998-1999) used the callsign "Pennant", would i be allowed to use that? Thanks for letting me know 🙂
  4. I think it actually might be that i haven't waited 24 hours yet, but i'll get a screenshot when i'm able to
  5. Nichlas Falk

    No audio

    Hallo fellow pilots, i just joined VATSIM yesterday. I have finished the orientation and exam, installed vPilot and connected. There's a problem tho. When i go to an active airport to listen in and learn and connect, i cant hear anything. I've got the right settings for audio on vPilot and the correct frequency, but i cant hear anything. May it be that i'm on the wrong server? Please let me know 🙂
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