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  1. Hello guys! Usually it doesn't happen, but for the 3rd or 4th time, my ATC hours again didn't logged in for some reason. I assumed 3 aircrafts in 7 hours session from 1100z to 1800z sharp, recorded on paper. Is it again some kind of server glitch, or did this happened to everyone? I really feel sad, after sitting for straight 7 hours without any break and this happend. 😞
  2. So today 1 hour ago, I completed 4 hours in VCBI_T_TWR and I tracked 1-2 aircraft. When I disconnected, after several minutes, it was supposed to show my log, but it didn't. What to do now? I also tried after an hour thinking that Stats server maybe be slow, but still no updates. I'm confused at the moment. If anybody could help me woth this topic. TIA
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