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  1. Dang, I was using SquawkBox. I'm gonna try Xpilot
  2. Just checked after you said that. MSN is my email
  3. Hey! It's been a little over a day and it still hasn't working. Am I supposed to wait longer? Also, do you think re-installing and installing XP11 is worth it?
  4. Okay. I'll wait uhh.. roughly 3 hours or maybe until tomorrow. I'll update you then.
  5. It still won't let me in. I think this is a very confusing situation for everyone. This time, I made sure my ID (1572360) was correct and my password (not going to put that in) was correct. I ensured that I was putting in my newer password given to me by the VATSIM moderators. Any other suggestions on how to get this fixed?
  6. Listen, man, I don't know if its just because on every other site ive been on when I ask for help on a support ticket I am usually either threatened with something along the lines of "You will be banned." or just given some automated text from a bot with a generic name such as "Linda" or "Tom" saying "we cannot assist you" blah blah blah. Also, is this really the place to spam your 5 links that take you to social media accounts of yours?
  7. That's not my point. I don't care response time, I just feel as if they will just give some automated response and I will forever be unaware of my password.
  8. Nah, lots more text+ I put in my ID. Awaiting for vatsim to respond to my support ticket about changing my password since it wouldn't let me generate a new password (in which they will probably blow me off with some automated text bs and not let me change my password)
  9. dont bother. they decline it for safety reasons or something like that
  10. so do the new member test and then wait until tomorrow evenin?
  11. By the way, here's an image of what happens.
  12. Listen, im like, a day old for Vatsim, I am super new. I do not know how in the heck this works. But, every time I connect to VATSIM (i put in the necessary information such as airline and stuff) it says in the top left "Connected" then something about my voice not being configured correctly, then it says invalid CID/password, then like 5 seconds later it disconnects me. I am confused very much by this, someone please help me. If I don't get help, I probably won't be able to play on the VATSIM network.
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