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  1. I see the hints pop up and they are useful, but they are gone too quickly for me to get it all down. Can we have a history of them saved and available, I wouldn't have to ask for so many "say again"s?
  2. I completed a couple of flights KSAN to KLAX and it all went smoothly, each flight was routed differently, and had different positions/frequencies with controllers. Thanks now looking for some more complex and longer sessions.
  3. it's been a few years , but the main problem was my headset was hard to understand, I just today got a new better headset and will test it out tonight.
  4. First time on VATSIM , I ended up not flying because I couldn't keep up with the Communications speed and I didn't want to ruin the experience of the other pilots and the controllers. So I will return better prepared (with a text outline of my basic coms) , but the ATC was wonderfully patient and helpful (I think he was Jeff Schuss at KSAN , KLAX) I am a RW Commercial Rating and CFI-G (about 4,000 hours mostly in gliders or in the tow plane) but not current, using this to refresh and get back into flying. Questions: I'm using MSFS 2020 and vPilot flying the A320 (A32NX) whic
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