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  1. Thats Intresting. Im sorry for what happened. On my end I only made 2. Thanks again tho for all the help.
  2. I did not meant to sound mean or anything. Thank you for the help. Also I just made 1 ticket. Actually I made 2 but the first one got closed with no response. Thank you for the help. I messed up the id's as I had a different id saved in my google account.
  3. Ill change the password. Still waiting on a support team response. I made a ticket like 3 hours ago.
  4. I did click on it but it sends me to the login page and everything so i press the reactivate existing account it tells me to do a Course but when i try it tells me this
  5. I have not logged on for a while now and I tried getting in today. While loading up my game and everything I tried connecting but i get a message saying: CID Suspended. Does anyone known why that is ? . I did make a support ticket and hope to get a answer
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