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  1. Hi everyone. If i fly with a qw787 lufthansa livery The other traffic can see me like a 787 lufthansa livery or a 787 total black ?
  2. Very sorry for the format i dont know why is like big. I understand all thanks for all reaply. I m new on vatsim about one month.
  3. Hi guys a special thank you for being a part of this beautiful platform i worked for years before the pandemic in fiumicino airport / lirf fco I was in Alitalia I was in charge of unloading and loading luggage so i went under our dear planes to every fco stand I dealt with both Alitalia flights and other assisted companies such as American arlines Emirates, United, Air Europa and many more I immediately understood that certain parking lots were for certain companies in vatsim there are many times that landing at lirf with callsign DLH. the atc gives me how to park one of the various stands loc
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