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  1. I tried running vPilot with default and other payware aircraft and it runs fine with no issues. Seems like it's a problem with the Level-D. I also tried loading other panel states in the LD767 and switching between default aircraft and the LD767 but the flashing symptom only occur with the LD767.
  2. Hello! I'm quite new to the network and I was wondering if someone shares the same problem as mine. As I log on the network, the TX and RX boxes on my vPilot client continuously fluctuate between greyed out and solid white. When I tune in a frequency, I can hear ATC clearly but their message get cut out mid-sentence as the TX/RX box grey out. The same goes with transmitting on the frequency. When I load my aircraft, I ensure that it's fully powered up and configured for push and start before starting v-Pilot. I also tried tuning from Unicom to Ground to Center and its all the same. I a
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