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  1. http://www.fseconomy.net/user-profile/userprofile/Mr_Air_Canada_Man He is the guy in charge of a virtual MAF on FSEconomy. Other than that, good luck.
  2. I would love to do this. I can do this during the day. I work at home. I'm on the east coast in the USA drop me a line.
  3. Try these: http://www.flyelite.net/ http://flymirageva.org/phpvms/index.php/
  4. Yes. I plan on taking off from KSQL heading east/northeast and through the Oakland charlie at 1000'MSL then over the Golden Gate and around the park and then make a loop I can go under the bravo shelf and back through the Oakland charlie and into KSQL.
  5. Very good. Thanks I forgot about flight following... I always do. A very good option indeed. I want to do some sightseeing tours around the SFO bay area/Golden Gate Bridge, etc out and back from KSQL.
  6. When flying VFR and you want to transistion charlie airspace I know you don't ask for transition clearence like you do for B, D, etc. I know you just have to establish two way communications. In the real world and in on VATSIM how does this work? If I'm flying along and want to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] through charlie a/s how do I ask if I don't ask for a transition?
  7. I might be interested as well. Can I fly the Carenado Cessna Citation II 550? Where do we fly? What areas? Do I choose? I would like more details as how this works.
  8. http://www.worldwidevirtual.net/ fly there.. you can fly anywhere at anytime in anything.
  9. Great job to all. Had a great flight and a great experience. N513AC
  10. well.. then how do places like AirHaul and AirSource do it.. they "fly" for all the real airlines...
  11. Alaska airlines.. well they are based out of KPDX... but that is in the PNW ORBX area and they go all the way up into the SAK ORBX area as well. Mirage Executive Charters http://www.miragechartersva.com/ they have a base at KRNT then of course you can allays fly for one of those fly-anything-anywhere-anytime VA's tons of those around..
  12. LOL maybe that is your answer.. due to the silence.. probably not.
  13. I don't mean to fly them in real time.. I mean to set your flt sim time according to the time schedule.. but then if you are late it should matter to the pilot performance.
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