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  1. Has three Captain Sims for FSX... all are fairly decent... the 777 and the 707-300 if you like nostalgia... and a decent DC-10-30... not sure if they are for P3d or X-Plane... I haven't quite decided if i want either or both to mess with yet... Ya gotta love the big planes though... "Needs more Power so I rewired it!" - Tim "The Toolman" Allen (Argh ARGH AGH!) <-- Tim Allen Man Grunt
  2. Nicely done... too bad you could not port that to Teamspeak3 servers... As I rarely use Discord very often... I don't like to install that joke of a program its as bad as Malware as it is put into the registry improperly and hard to remove when it crashes... (I have to use a program called "Geek" to get rid of it...) It's got too many bugs, and I as a former I.T Person (20+ years) recommend you run it in a browser and send problem reports to Discord so they can actually fix the damn thing.. at least the install... GEESH what a bloody mess to use it...
  3. i wish FSX would be updated to be like X-plane where it was MORE REALISTIC.... Get on the stick and get down to business... if you have a program that is fairly good you need to put the models as realistic as possible and stop guessing... I changed all my default FSX planes to real specs and they work great. (I am not a real pilot and only would under theory what they would fly like) t least when i fly they have the specs of RL aircraft and do what they are supposed to do....
  4. Microsoft = Bullying and dominating the industry.... Telling what you need when it is clearly free choice to embrace or deny what they want to push.... The end users have say in this don't forget your rights... to just say NO.... (Nancy Regan and Drugs./.. it applies to the I.T market and the end user)
  5. Thankyathankyaverhymuch,.,, uh huh uh... *does spinny arm thing and leg shimy to point...* 😛 LOLZ Funny you say that... i put in for the Flying Elvis skydiving team many years ago in Vegas.... LOLZ
  6. Uhm,,, I don't sing... i can do impressions... Elvis in Memphis was an attempt to lighten up the fairly strict controllers who ATC there usually... I know they are there to do a job... and control... but Mr Carlton and Shearman are absolutely right... you can't be too strict and most controllers instigate it and welcome a bit of humor in RL... -- Suggestion: Listen to Youtube and Kennedy Steve who is the most famous controller in NYC (Now retired) who was notorious for keeping the mood loose in the most busiest airport in the US... Love listening to his recording sessions, one of the b
  7. Withdrawn - (I think the information i posted was incorrect and I would like to research more to be more accurate and specific.) N.A.M
  8. Yes it does... thanks... at least i won't file the wrong flightplan type...
  9. Okay it has been a looong time but being now again relatively gnu again to VATSIM i have forgotten a few things... What is the more appropriate flight pattern to take while on VATSIM... I guess in the common arena of flights. While Center is on or offline -- file VFR or IFR flightplan... ? For me, doing a test flight will always be going to be beyond norms... as I work other people's freeware to make them to real world specifications (as close as i can get it) But usually i have been flying VFR... I have, however been told by my fellow Colleagues on the VAs I am with and seve
  10. LOL So it is... sorry i was not watching... Okay more first time jitters. one for me... Carry on and post withdrawn
  11. uh thinks people NEED to stand up against microshaft and let 2020 die. i dont like their motive and their bullying of the universe methods...
  12. My login is pointing to the dup account and not primary -- (I was not aware that i had a dup account in the first place, or can i remember creating one with the new e-mail i just recently set) I assumed the primary as you call it was LOOONG deleted... I need it to be set to primary on website. FA/MM N.A Miller, USN Ret.
  13. GASP! A "KITTY" Terrorist??? LOL 🤣 I can just see that too... ACHMEOW: "Go get my food infidel Human Slave and give me a scritch on my ears! You will not fly now...!" Had a cat named Patches who was a purr-machine and would sleep on my lap as i flew... big fat kitty too... my legs would fall asleep... 😉 I had to edit and add this... with appreciation to Jeff Dunham... "Silence: I scratch you!" 😉 FA/MM N.A Miller, USN Ret.
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