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  1. I just installed the update and all of the obstacles on and along 17/35 are gone. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I downloaded a KMSP scenery update for FS9 from the ZMP website about five months ago, and buildings and trees from the default scenery were on 17/35 and the taxiway, I guess because the default airport didn't extend that far. I used the leave feedback link to report it. Did that ever get corrected? The only workaround I could come up with was to set the scenery and autogen settings to their minimum values. Maybe it doesn't matter so much at night, but it's a bit of a bummer in daylight.
  3. I contacted Kyle a week ago, and he p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed me to Justin McElvaney (ZHU ATM) who told me they'd be posted on VATSIM with in 72 hours. It's been a week, so I thought maybe a public request would generate more interest.
  4. Great job VATNZ! I flew one my VA's newly established New Zealand routes from Dunedin up to Auckland this evening. The accents, slight differences in ATC phraseology, and weather made it a particularly challenging flight. The arrival into Auckland resulted in a scramble to get the correct NDB tuned when I discovered I had the wrong one programmed in the FMC and the one I needed was not in the FMC database. Somehow managed to fly close enough to the published tracks so as not set off any alarms, and had a smooth arrival at NZAA. Here's wishing you all a lot of traffic in the coming year!
  5. Thanks Cleveland ARTCC, I enjoyed flying up to PIT yesterday!
  6. Just wanted to say muchas gracias for holding this fly-in. It was a great opportunity for me to leave the "comfort zone" of VATUSA and I had a blast flying down to MMMX. I will definitely be flying down for your next event, whenever that may be, and you may see me back in your airspace at other times as well!
  7. Hmmm, I was under the impression that this fly-in had been coordinated with both centers. I'll bring it to the attention of our online ops guy, possibly a miscommunication somewhere.
  8. You guys did a great job handling all that traffic we threw at you today! Hope we didn't completely wear out our welcome at KIAD or KATL.
  9. Flew from KDFW to KELP today. The ATC was first-rate all the way, and radio chatter was awesome. Tried to make the return flight to DFW but got disconnected about 20 minutes into to flight, and after trying to reconnect several times FS9 just crashed on me. This was my first VATSIM event since I tried one out of JFK with the previous version of Squawkbox. On that one I was getting 1-2 FPS during taxi, and ended up aborting the flight. I pretty much dropped of VATSIM until SB3 was released, and it seems to a lot better FPS-wise with more traffic. Looking forward to the next event! Mark
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