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  1. I'm sorry, but there should be no issue of pronouns on VATSIM during operations. Aircraft and Controllers are genderless, and therefore are not referred to as he or she. 'Radar' or 'Speedbird 123' has no gender. I fail to see where the issue is. We have a number of people who are trans, or have fully transitioned on the network and it doesn't stop them using the network. If you have a pronoun of choice put that in your sig/bio if it isn't obviously. But I'm with Andreas, if we could have some examples of issues from the original poster it would add context to the discussion, rather than making
  2. I frankly don't care who is on the other end of the scope. If you provide a competent service, how you identify, how you gender, talk or act is immaterial. I have seen an increase in the number of people recently who have decided to put their chosen pronouns into their ATIS. I don't quite understand this - controllers are simply 'Radar', 'Tower' or otherwise. I have never (in real life, or on VATSIM) referred to him/her, he/she when addressing a controller, in the same way I do not say sir or ma'am. CAP 413 (or your local equivalent) sets out guidance on how to interact with ATC, and how
  3. I have some programming ability.. Are you saying that I use the plug in to send the appropriate joystick or keyboard command to vpilot? Or is there a way to write to vpilot directly?
  4. Hi Ross, I know from talking to Gary this idea is being knocked around, but is there a way to map multiple PTT or inputs to vpilot to cater for those of us with home cockpit setups? One thing I've thought about is having someone connected in observer mode, however this is not ideal. Is there any plan for an API? That way I could send the relevant PTT directly from Jeehell (the sim software), as it has a software intercom built in. James
  5. I must raise my hand, it was me who originally got Craig's attention with my post over at the VATSIM UK website. I wasn't bitter about not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing my C1 - far from it. People put a large amount of effort into my mentoring, and I made mistakes. But the problems I caused/mishandled were exacerbated tremendously by the voice codec and the lag especially that I had to fight against to either be heard, or understood. I like this idea of a bunch of cretins with no programming knowledge firing up Visual Studio and writing a client. I am one of those cretins. I am currently teac
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