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  1. Still not found any solution for this matter. windows display scaling is in 100% as what other says the solution. I think it's matter with the system locale or unicode issue since many of who are from non-English speaking countries have similar problems. Being in VATSIM Korea as a controller, "ALL" (yes all..) of the controllers in VAKOR experiencing same issue. maybe other countries Divisions/vACCs would have the same problem. will there be any updates for the issue? or is there any way for the fixes? Thanks Gabriel.
  2. I'm having same issue like that. no TX what so ever.
  3. I tried to use the vSTARS if possible. However, other than US ARTCCs, it looks pretty complex to get it integrated into, nor my facility engineer doesn't even think about to get that work since it is mainly targeted and settings are for FAA facility. Only two option that I can choose are VRC and Euroscope. so vSTARS is not a suitable option for those not in the States. Gabriel
  4. Hello to VATSIM I was thinking to make a towerview with VRC and vPilot. As a Ground Controller, it would be awesome to have a tower view feature to spot the aircraft visually at exact position. While Euroscope allows Local Proxy, however, I found that the model data of aircrafts are missing through proxy server. I tried to find any way to use towerview, and finally found that the vPilot has a feature called Observer Mode. I see that multiple VATSIM Connection through one computer is prohibited by Code of Regulation. therefore, I was curious if the observer mode on vPilot counts
  5. I'm using 1920x1080 Full HD with 100% scaling. Running triple screen with exact same resolution but the only difference is middle one is in 144hz refresh rate, other two in 60hz. OS language is in Korean. but I guess you might be able to understand my display setting from the captured image below.
  6. It is already in 100% scaling and happening that.. Just to let you know..
  7. Audio For VATSIM Standalone Client window size issue is occurring in some specific Language/Region Windows OS. The one I've found is Windows 10 in Korean. I have tried to change system locale to English(US), still having issue.
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