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  1. Want to fly for a VA with one of the most impressive ACARS software ever seen? The video below demonstrates just one of the features of Compass2020; Compass2020 offers everything you need to prepare for your flight is one of the many resources available to our crew. www.airwego.uk
  2. Onboard the weekly flight to Svalbard from Bodo - AWG7703. This flight as well as transporting "hardy" tourists to a fascinating part of the world transports vital supplies for the local community.
  3. Flying the Compass Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release September 2020 The virtual world, from a Flight Simulation perspective, has changed dramatically over the last few months with two (Microsoft Flight Simulator & P3Dv5) new platforms arriving in quick succession. With an increased focus on our shared hobby, from those who haven’t experienced it previously, virtual airlines have an important role to play in providing an accessible platform to new recruits to help them fully engage with the opportunities it presents. As a long standing virtual airline (established
  4. Flying the Compass Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release May 2020 It is a little over twenty years ago since our first website was published and the Airwego Virtual Airline Group has this month moved to a brand new website. The original concept took shape in the final months of 2019 and has been developed through 2020. Very much at the heart of the project was to make the core content of the VA easily accessible in an “easy on the eye” design concept. A “Pilot Dashboard” presents our crew with an overview of their VA membership showing their virtual logbook, flights t
  5. Flying the Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release September 2019 The year 2000, to some, will feel a long time ago.. To others perhaps not so. After the furore of the “millennium bug” had settled down a small virtual airline opened in March 2000 with flights from three bases across Northern England. Airwego, a slightly tongue in cheek name some would say, started life with bases at Humberside, Liverpool and Manchester airports with a quirky livery and diverse fleet. Free from the restraints of basing its operations on a real world airline, Airweg
  6. ANNOUNCING HEATHROW ARRIVALS!! Over a period of time our management team has been asked why we never had Heathrow in our base schedules. The answer was it has been the Airwego Group policy historically to concentrate on more regional airports as our bases. However we have listened to those voices and are proud to announce that effective immediately we will commence cargo operations from EGLL Heathrow. If successful and well used we shall in the future be considering p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger operations as well. For now we are stationing a mixed fleet of Boeing 757F, 747F and 7
  7. Airwego Press Release April 2017 The first three months of 2017 have seen a consolidation of operations within the Airwego Group with a focus on ensuring the key projects launched last year continue to achieve their objectives. With “Norge” now well established and offering routes from both Bodo and Bergen our crew now have nearly one thousand flights to choose from across our network of bases from Aberdeen, Bristol, East Midlands, Humberside, Manchester, Southend, San Juan, Stansted and Palermo with all sectors supported by a comprehensive suite of flight-plans for not just the defau
  8. Flying the Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Airwego Virtual Airline Press Release January 2017 As we enter 2017 our Flight Simulation hobby is in good health. The platforms on which we base our hobby are in a strong cycle of development (X Plane & P3D) while a replacement for FSX, from Dovetail, is on the horizon. For publishers, developers and those that run organisations that support our hobby the future is bright. Virtual Airlines may yet enter another golden period of popularity as virtual aviators look for a structure to their flying. Airwego, established in 2000, compl
  9. Airwego - Press Release / Update - September 2016 Since opening back in 2000 Airwego has constantly evolved. The website has been redesigned several times, aircraft liveries have been updated, schedules have been published and then republished. However the one constant has been our pilots. A group of individuals that enjoy flying with a virtual airline that offers “Minimal Rules but Maximum Fun”. Recent times are no exception to this evolution with many key projects coming to conclusion over the last few months. Towards the end of 2015 the website came under review. While it
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