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  1. Greetings guys. I have come to a point in my Vatsim 'career' which might take me to a transfer from my VACC and possibly also my region. So instead of writing a long post about all sorts of things, I will just do a short presentation of myself and what I have previously done on the network. I'm 32 years of age, coming from Norway where I started my Vatsim career. I do hold a Senior Controller rating on the network. I work for a football team in the second league here, and we are now fighting for promotion to the top league. So work has been really busy lately there. I have been aroun
  2. Congratulations Peter. Make i know you will continue the fine work you have been doing for tha last years. Best of luck to you and your Staff members!
  3. The Director election 2008 is finished. Erik Schøyen won the election with 38 votes against 3 blank votes. I want to welcome Erik as the new director in Vacc Scandinavia. Erik has been working in SCA for a long time, and I know he will do his best to run the VACC on the best possible way together with his staff. Erik has now taken over as Director after me. I resigned in January from Vacc Scandinavia, and are now deputy Director in VATEUR (Vatsim Europe Region) After having spent a few years in SCA staff, I decided it was time to move on. I will still stick around for ment
  4. Congratulations to Trond on the new position. Good luck in your new position.
  5. There has been some changes in Vacc Scandinavia Staff again. Please Welcome Andreas Nysveen as our new [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Training Director. Andreas is new to our staff, but has already given many hours in mentoring of new ATCs. Haakan Schulz is taking over as Training Director, after Trond Meier resigned. Haakan has been our [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant training director for some time, and has good knowladge about how things are done. He has also been a mentor for a long time. Daniel L[Mod - Happy Thoughts]n leaves the Event Coordinator position, and has now been elec
  6. Hello guys. About 1 week ago, Nico Malmgren told us that he wanted to step down from his position as Chief of Membership. This due to lack of time, and i think we all can respect that! I want to thank you Nico for the great time and effort you have done for us these months. You have done a great job in cleaning up the membership databases. I still hope to see you around in a plane or at an ATC position. Now the time has come to welcome a new Membership Director. Joakim Bo has been with us for a long time, and he has been involved in staff work earlier. He has been [Mod - Happy
  7. Hello to all. Thanks for all the kind words. I am really looking forward to work with you in the future. I`m finishing my projects as Director of Vacc Scandinava right now, and are planning on getting into things at VATEUR as soon as possible. I know many of you guys from my time as Staff in Scandinavia and other duties, but there are many names i have just heard of. I`m hoping to establish some new good connections in the future. Once again, thanks for the kind words. Merry Christmas to all of you.
  8. Hello gents. As from today, VACC Scandinavia will enforce the new Global Rating Standard introduced by Vatsim. This means that all S1/TWR Rated controllers in our VACC will be limited to TWR service only. S3/APP Rated controllers are limited to all facilitys below Approach. In addition to the Global Rating Standard, VACCSCA have introduced a new local rating policy for the major airports in Scandinavia. Moore information about this can be found in this docomeent: http://www.vaccsca.org/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=306 VACC Scandinavia descided to enforce the G
  9. Hello all. Erik Schøyen has been elected as the new Chief of AOR Iceland. Erik has helped out in Scandinavia with staff work earlier, so he knows what he needs to do. We are looking forward to work with him. Welcome as staff in Vacc Scandinavia Erik.
  10. Hello all. Yesterday Daniel L[Mod - Happy Thoughts]n got elected as our new Chief of Event (Event coordinator) Daniel will continue the good work Gunnar Sejleset has done on this position. Daniel has already started his work, and we are all looking forward to his fresh ideas. Welcome to VACC Scandinavia Staff Daniel!
  11. Hello all. Last week, Fredrik [Mod-You kiss your mother with that mouth?]ernes got elected as new Chief AOR Norway. This means that he will be in charge of the Norwegian airspace. Fredrik will continue the work the last AOR did, and bring some new ideas to the staff in VACCSCA. Welcome to our staff Fredrik. We are all looking forward to working with you.
  12. Thanks guys! Stephen and Marc; Thanks for a great time, i really learned much! I hope that i can give even moore back to the network now then before! And to all the other guys in the same course; Congrats to you all! I`m really hoping we can make a good cooperation in the future!
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