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  1. Nope same employer. Not sure where you are butI'm in north America. Most companies here are all seniority based. So you can hold 737 captain but doesn't mean you would be able to hold 777 captain. So you could have the choice of going 777 FO. Some might ask why someone would want to do that. In some cases, the pay could be better. Perhaps lifestyle.
  2. Old aircraft? 737 NG, MAX, 767. ok maybe 67 lol. Oh I think you meant I was the FE or something. I meant when I'm the PNF I'll ask the other guy. On the 37 I was captain. On the 67 I was an FO.
  3. I don’t know about anyone else but never in the real world will I make an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption of an atc clearance. I’ll ask my FO or Captain if they understood clearly and if neither of us did I’ll always ask for clarification. Never [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume with a clearance.
  4. Sweet. Well hopefully the latency issues can be improved and see what else can be improved after that. I think perhaps just knowing when to talk is key too. IRL, if I know the controller is busy, I'll keep my mouth shut and I know will contact me when I become priority.
  5. I'm just wondering how an instruction of "transition to 290 knots" can be confused with anything todo with an altimeter setting. I fly both in north America and Europe and never have been confused with a speed restriction and anything altimeter related. But as for non English speaking pilots, there is lot more confusion than just speed restrictions that are a problem. The problem there is the requirement to speak and understand English is not high enough.
  6. Hi again Ross. Just finished reading your explanation of the latency. Thanks for that. Makes things a bit more comprehensive. My solution to the problem, but not necessarily doable would be this. Controller always had precedence on transmissions. After that, the first one to hit PTT (or in this case the first one that the server recognizes) gets precedence. Probably easier than it sounds to actually make it happen.
  7. Hi Ross. This is just my opinion so I guess take it as that. But I don't think it's latency. If 5 people push their PTT at the same time latency won't make a difference. During a flying, let's say a busy FNO for example, there are controllers that have probably 3 to 10 times more traffic in their sector than a real life controller has. So the odds of stepping on someone's transmission is way more likely. During regular operations there is usually no problem but when I see an approach controller have 10-20 planes on his frequency that's way too much. Sure you can alleviate the problem by gett
  8. Hey guys. The transition phase is a north American term and conversion is more European. The term transition is not confused in North America. The phrase it is usually used with is hard to confuse with anything else. "centre what speed would you like in the transition" is a common phrase. He knows you are referring to mach to indicated.
  9. I find the quality hit and miss. What I think is really needed is the ability of a controllers transmission to override every pilots transmission. So when the controller pushes his transmitter you only hear him /her. You know how many times, especially during a flying, the controller has to retransmit an i instruction because 10 people just checked in at the same time. This slows down progress and eventually turns an event into a goat show. An atc instruction is more important that an initial check in from a pilot.
  10. Ok Thx guys. Will try reducing the amount of a/c in my scenario and then seeing if they consistently all get displayed.
  11. I wonder if it just doesn't like the amount of planes I have in the scenario file. About 150. But like you said the brute force thing makes no sense. In addition if I start my own START SIMULATION SERVER in connection mode it works fine. Everything seems to be pointing to the SB server
  12. Just like the post says, I have some aircraft missing in my sweatbox session. If I reconnect/reload the scenario about 5 or 6 times sometimes all the aircraft appear. SB server is [Mod - lovely stuff]
  13. thx Gergely. I will just use 3.1d for SB in the meantime. great work btw though
  14. I have a scenario set up for arriving aircraft. I have a bunch of aircraft set up at each bedpost for the STAR arrival. Now in 3.1 what I would do is open the Simulator (Training) Dialog Box and on the bottom left would select ALL the aircraft, then select PAUSE beside the STATUS of each aircraft (NOT the simulator status at the top right of the Simulator Dialog. Then I would click RESUME on the top right under simulator status. At this point NO aircraft will move because I paused them each individually when I first clicked pause. Now when the student is ready I select an airplane and release
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