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  1. Launched on the 20'th of March 2009. Details in English here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=39676&p=295096#p295096 Web-site http://tsova.ru
  2. Perhaps you will be better off by joining existing one: http://vvvs.flybb.ru/index.php?c=6
  3. Generally, there is no good Tu-144 model for FS so far. There were lot's of attempts to create panel, sounds, etc, but they just don't worth to fly Tu-144 on regular basis. www.tupolev.ru is an official web-site of Tupolev Corporation (real-world), you will not find there lot's of info related to Tu-144, except this one http://tupolev.ru/Russian/Show.asp?SectionID=148
  4. The difference between FAA and JAA regulations ARE MAJOR, not just phraseology, but every aspect of flying and ground preparations procedures as well!
  5. Ok, then, just give me a promise, you will learn names of all taxiways and links in Charles De Gaulle
  6. Will see. In what airport you will be manned?
  7. No, he apparently talks about ND. Unfortunately no freeware aircraft offer such displays. You can try PMDG http://www.precisionmanuals.com/ or LEVEL-D. http://www.leveldsim.com/ - these are payware. Good luck.
  8. Nice to expect atc in France in near future, Scott! Atc and air traffic in France is not as intensive as in Uk. Furthermore, i got controlled by Paris Control only once (of course Eurocontroll frequently appears, but it covers whole western Eu, not only France), so when i was on my cruise fl, some idi*t who was behind me, on the same airway, accelerated up to mach 95 (on b763). I've just had time to caught him on tcas (already being as a red target) and disengage cmd instantly. Controller didn't notify me... What's the point of logging in as a Center if you have lot's of traffic in lower airs
  9. Using Photoshop or any other graphics software. Just open texture file and paint it as you want.
  10. Ahh, I see. Why is that? Do you worry that if you get the information via someone, that that person will censor some of the information? might be...
  11. I don't understand ... it has been explained several times that if your VATSIM record contains information that you may have cause to defend yourself against, you will be given the opportunity to read it. What more do you need, Mr. Anopov, to feel "socially equal" or respected as an individual here on VATSIM? I do understand the fact that we may request that infomation. However, in my opinion it should be allowed to read own log-files straight away, not via somebody.
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