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  1. Google cap 413 and go to chapter 11. Then read chapter 11. CAP413 is the UK CAA radiotelephony manual and will show yu exactly what you are supposed to say. just to let you know The CAA decided on using a particular form of communication after the Tenerife air disaster. At that time there was no standardisation f radio communication whch lad to confusion by the pilots as to what they had been told to do by the ATC.
  2. You do, when you transmit in xpilot the TX button lights up.
  3. HI Magnus I am trying to sort out an issue on my facebook Xplane dedicated group re SWIFT, and who is allowed to test it on the VATSIM network. My understanding is that VATSIM has granted you (SWIFT) authority to be tested on the network but that it is you who decides who can go on the network. Now this seems a little odd as you have opened up SWIFT for public beta testing. As such I myself have been using SWIFT on the network, I have also produced a video for my youtubechannel discussiing SWIFT and its obvious advantages. www.youtube.com/wycliffeb I would be grateful if you could
  4. If you want quick replies to any almost any Xplane Question, the place to go is www.facebook.com/groups/Xpdedicated This is a family friendly group that has some strong values such as no bad language, no one is made to feel stupid and no one will shout at you for asking a million questions. Come and like us on the above link. Wycliffe Barrett Vatsim c3, CEO of Xplane Dedicated.
  5. hi I would be interested in being a beta tester for Xplane. I know you have a enough windows testers but I have only just managed to get to this as I have been rather busy today. Wycliffe Barrett
  6. XPlane dedicated http://www.twitch.tv/wycliffebarrett group flight EHAM - LFMN 1800z Tonight come and join Emmab, mattal7, TDog and myself as we take a short Inter European flight live on VATSIM and Xplane Dedicated. Possibly the only UK Xplane Dedicated stream. route: LEKKO UN872 NIK UM624 DIK UN852 MILPA UM730 MEDAM UM623 VEVAR Wycliffe
  7. Congratulations Florian, clearly the best man for the job, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. All the best Wycliffe
  8. phil I stream at least twice a week, more often than not more. Anyway you have found us now so all is good. Wycliffe
  9. hi Check out possibly the best Xplane Dedicated Channel on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/wycliffeb Hope you find the vlogs helpful, when you first get xplane there is a vertical curve to climb but there are lost of people out there ready to help. www.twitch.tv/wycliffebarrett for live streams. Cheers Wycliffe
  10. Live flight on VATSIM at 18:30z www.twitch.tv/wycliffebarrett new vlog on www.youtube.com/wycliffeb
  11. Tomorrow Night at 1800zulu Xplane dedicated will be live EGCC LMML www.twitch.tv/wycliffebarrett
  12. Look at Xplane aviators facebook page. Go to www.x-plane.org and join there for up to the minute information. Wycliffe
  13. This is a great one, no Charts on board, I will be stepping away at times. Awesome. Wycliffe
  14. Hi Darrol I'm not sure if you have found out more information since this initial thread but you will be pleased to know that there are several very good (PMDG quality) aircraft available for Xplane. I have fully converted to xplane and will not be going back to the buggy FSX. Can i suggest you have a look at Xplane aviators facebook page, you might also have a look at www.x-plane.org and its [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated forums for all the answers you need. Any questions just shout i will try and answer them if I can. Wycliffe
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