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  1. TOS violation, removed by mod- Kyle Ramsey 810181. Don't do it again.
  2. I'd like to echo this. I had a blast out in Chicago. Things ran so smoothly, not a single hitch. The icing on the cake for me was the ZAU tour. Mark Z should be commended by everyone for his efforts not only in working out the logistics for the convention, but also setting up that tour. All of us who went got to plug in with individual controllers (I got the southwest area -- Bradford4 arrival high altitude) who could not have been more courteous (while working traffic the whole time!). Thanks again to Mark Z, Jeff and everyone else who helped make this happen.
  3. Just a reminder guys, the Nor'Easter is tomorrow !! Hope to see you all there.
  4. Hi Nick. That is why the event is 6 hours long!
  5. New York, Boston, Washington and Cleveland ARTCC's have teamed up once again to host the Nor’Easter '06! The event is scheduled to take place Saturday March 11th from 1600-2200 EST (4:00pm-10:00pm Eastern -- 2100Z-0300Z). We've teamed up to provide an experience that is truly "as real as it gets!" in the ultra-busy "North-East corridor". Controllers from the New York ARTCC will be gathering in New Jersey and members from the Boston ARTCC will be gathering in Boston to simulate actual radar rooms, controlling from consolidated locations! Feel free come test some of the busiest sectors of the
  6. Wish we had more guys like this on the network. Thanks for all your work Richard. There are those out there who recognize it and appreciate it!
  7. I'll be there. My birthday is March 26th.. my dad upgrading me to first cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on UAL BOS-ORD-BOS would be an oh so sweet present to wrap up the weekend
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