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  1. Nice to hear, what OS are you on, wired or not, have you network on internal connections or do you have installed own network cards? All info could maybe solve this behavior for those who have stutter on networked setups.. Brgds Stein-ove Rud
  2. Tested also i P3D v.2.2, same stutter on Vatsim traffic when using client on remote pc, smooth as silk when using client on Sim pc... Btw, one question, what simconnect port are client using exactly? Brgds Stein-Ove Rud
  3. Great work with this client But, on Networked i also have very big stutters on other traffic, have open all doors to client in firewall etc. etc., client works like an charm, no trouble at all, model matching....excellent If i use client on sim pc, no stutter at all, smooth as silk, so no performance problem, smooth on fps looked at 30 or unlimited, no difference. I wish someone could find a solution to this problem. Brgds Stein-Ove Rud
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