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  1. Many of you that have been around the 20+ years that I have been remember Richard Green - He passed last week due to Cancer... Richard and I controlled many hours together on here and flew... He became a real world pilot and moved up to the captain's seat and led many belonging to his Teamsters. The reason why I am posting this is because Richard is one of the few founding members of the HUGE and now MASSIVE Cross the Pond event and also Friday Night Ops to name a few when we worked together on VATUSA staff... I just talked to him a few weeks ago and he was getting his flight
  2. What you experienced is not unusual by any means, twice I have been flying into KDEN and never heard from the Denver Center controller from the time I entered his airspace to the time I landed...
  3. I don't think he can technically "deny" the IFR flight plan. The point of the OP was to minimize the impact to an event by someone who would likely be denied (or significantly delayed) those services in the real world with similar levels of traffic. Now there are ways to minimize the impact, without denying the flight. And that's to employ the same techniques that are used in the real world. Holding is one of them. "Remain clear of the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D" is another one. Not providing a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B clearance is another. Having a clown in the pattern keep doing 360s o
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion guys.... That's mine... it's nothing against ZMP - It's all events for me...
  5. While events used to be a lot of fun, they for sure can not be compared to being realistic.
  6. Agreed Roger, one of the many reasons why I don't fly Friday Night Ops since we introduced it... Actually another reason why I do not fly on the network as much anymore....
  7. Sky Blue Radio will be celebrating “VA Days 2017” the first weekend in March from the 3rd thru the 10th. That weekend Virtual Airlines will have the opportunity to promote and advertise their organization at no cost on Sky Blue Radio and have the opportunity to win one year of free advertising if selected as the Sky Blue Radio “Virtual Airline of the Year”! The total value of the advertising for the VA Days Virtual Airline of the Year exceeds $6,000! Each Virtual Airline who enters before the deadline will be allotted a 30 second audio spot to air all weekend on Sky Blue Radio duri
  8. Sky Blue Radio is very pleased to welcome Hal Bryan from EAA and Brandon Morgan from FSX Air Show and Kevin matheison from Flight Angels! Nicolas Jackson and Tom Mathieu are your hosts for the all-new FS InFocus talk show on Saturday, September 17th at 1800 zulu! . This month, Nicnac and Crunch will interview Hal Bryan. Hal is The Senior Editor at EAA and former Evangelist at Microsoft Games. We will find out about his current role at EAA including an upcoming book publication! We will also spend some time learning about his time working on Microsoft's Flight Simulator Franchise. We
  9. Denver PD uses "Air one" - Medical Choppers statewide are Lifeguard when a patient is on board and their tail numbers when not... IE: N96LG
  10. They are just xplane, right?
  11. Hi Folks, This is an important message. In order to proceed with some essential and imperative maintenance on the vatsim network, as of 2215Z today, the network will be unreachable for new connections approximately two hours while we perform what we need to do. If you are already connected you will not be affected as the changes involve DNS changes. The website will be down and includes all forums. I know this is a frustrating situation but we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding. JU
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