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  1. Is today VATUSA's official 'forgot my pills' day? Christ. Such a dramatic thread.
  2. Funny thing is I just browsed through that last night after finding my dad's copy
  3. Sorry for the comment, I stupidly logged onto the forums in a foul mood and kicked the dog in the process.
  4. I'm sorry, but is it just me or are the posts in the VATSIM forum becoming more ridiculous by the day?
  5. Of course, all ZMA controllers are promoted up one controller level effective immediately... I'm holding you to that!
  6. Out of curiousity, what rule prohibits discussion of a cable provider's services? Isn't that a bit much? This is a very good question, I'd like to see the answer!
  7. River 9 (I think that's what its called) into DCA.
  8. ^ Hello, anyone read this? It was me on Miami Tower, and above is my explanation of the circomestances.
  9. Evening everyone, I was the tower controller tonight. I sent you on a right downwind because you were 5 miles out, and on a heading to go directly over the airport with another aircraft on final. If I remember correctly I was using the 27 and 26's at Miami, and I put you on the 26L, which you requested? Sorry for the confusion
  10. Harold, in addition to what you have, what you need to grab: -Bigger power supply. 500W is more than enough for both, but with your graphics card, motherboard, memory, and cooling, you'll be running low in my opinion. -Don't see a motherboard? -Cooling. Really. Seriously. Get some big ol' fans, I'll be able to give you more specific advice once you give us a bit more specs. I like to keep mine around 25-30 celcius max when my comp is running. -If you're gonna build a good comp, I suggest getting a decent sound card to make the experience complete. Good luck!
  11. I've gone through about 5 headsets this summer, all 20 a piece. As you can see, its probably cheaper to shell out about 80 bucks and get a nice one. I'll have to try it
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