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  1. The ZAB Wiki now falls under my care. There'll be some additions to it coming soon, as well.
  2. Hate it with a p-a-s-s-i-o-n. My Sidekick II (mobile device) used to get SPAM up the wazoo. I had to call T-Mobile (my carrier) and they changed my username for me. Mission accomplished, and no more SPAM coming my way on my Sidekick.
  3. I just want to make a very rough comparison, and it isn't meant to be derogatory (disclaimer there) to anyone in particular: Microsoft comes out with a product. Ok. Fair enough. It isn't perfect (they're rushed to get it to market). So what do they do? They issue critical (and sometimes updates that are optional) updates. Windows XP is a very complex product and the issues surrounding security involve releasing critical updates every once in a while. The VATUSA Academy is less than 6 months old. It has to go through a few cycles of students to see what's being done "right" and w
  4. You won't actually be able to control actual a/c until you're outta the academy.
  5. Yeah, I'd want to give a shoutout to the rest of the TGIF crew we had working at PHX/P50/ABQ Center Friday. It was a good event, not too many bumps (a few minor ones). One word of advice to our controllers (at ZAB) -- if you feel like the server may (and does) bump you, switch to another server instead of staying with the same server all the time. I used UK-1 for the whole night and not once was I bounced. Anyway, I was PHX_N_TWR (I mighta pissed off a few pilots who tried to contact me even though they were inbound for 25L on S_TWR with Peyton S., my TWR co-captain.) and saw alot of t
  6. We appreciate that the majority of people on VATSIM know that what the "pilot" said in the WSJ article said about us (ZAB) was really bogus.
  7. Cntrl-Shift-F1 is technically the "Fuel Cut-Off" shortcut.
  8. As if the FS AI ATC is any alternative. *turns my head and LAUGHS out loud, then turns around and gets serious again* If you want realism, in any way shape or form, it's VATSIM or nothing. Paul makes a VERY VERY VERY good point in his last post. How about da flip side of the coin? I've dealt with pilots who are just as noob as the next man, and they're just as annoying as a noob ATC working APP for the first time (unsupervised without any training.)
  9. Wouldn't Lat -vn and Long -ve count for points in the Northern & Western Hemisphere(s)?
  10. It appeared the server crashed or something the other night. It's back up and running again though.
  11. Very interesting information, Mark. I do appreciate the history lesson. Thanks.
  12. At the inauguration of the jet-era, it was a B707. Recent presidents have had modified B742s or B744s as Air Force One's.
  13. Paul B. finally did a temporary fix, so I'm on the forums finally. See ya there.
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