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  1. Do someone know what parameters we have to enter in the config-file of the EFASS-programm to have the Vatsim-traffic shown again? Until now it had links like DATAURL=http://info2.vroute.net/vatsim-data.txt. But that doesnt work anymore and the datas are outdated.
  2. I'm having exactly the same problem. And it is more than strange! I have to reconfigure XPilot and download the CSL-library at EACH START of the software. And then it works only at the second time. As soon as i restart my PC and want to restart the sim, the connection don't work again. And i have no clue which file is being installed that prevent the software to work the next time (no active "connection" button after the sim is running).
  3. Yeah, looks like - but Flight Factor having to fix a bug is something than can go 1-2 years 😞
  4. Hey guys, can we get some help here? There are still some very popular planes that cannot depict TCAS traffic on the ND anymore by using XP11.50 beta and the last Alpha-build xPilot. And obviously the devs don't see any need to adapt something on their side. So how can we fix that? Would it be possible to have an older Alpha-version made available for download?
  5. Yeah, same with the FF320...no TCAS anymore 😞
  6. Hi there, I'm having the problem that since the last update to 1.3.19 i have no TCAS appearing on the ND of Flight Factor's A320 anymore. It works for the ZIBO and for the FF757/767 but not for the FF320 anymore. Sadly i didn't find a way to roll back to the previous Alpha. Would be great if you could take a look into this issue. Thanks very much for your great contribution. Kind regards, F.
  7. Hi Collins Thanks again. That must have a very technical background that i cannot understand because the FF320 was working perfectly fine with the previous XSQB-client. Anyway, here's what i did: i switched the right radio panel from VHF2 to VHF1 and the left one from VHF1 to VHF2. This allows me to change the frequency in the left one as i am used top as a pilot and get it activated in the text-window. So it's not a big deal, just something to know Again thanks very much for your help and have a great sunday. Best wishes Franz
  8. Hi Thank you for your feedback. Actually i was flying the Flight Factor 320. If i set a frequency in the left radio panel (pilot side) or used "//XXX.XXX", the frequency indicated on the panel changed indeed but not in the text-window where it was the Radio2 (right side) being active. I must say that i have been using previous version of XSB during far more than 10 years without any similar issues. So at the end i had to tune all the active frequencies in the right Radio2-panel on the right side to make them work in the text-window. So it was the opposite as always. It seems th
  9. Hi there, I just installed the new client and i have the following issue: i can tune any radio frequency in the radio-box or by using //XXX.XX for example as before. But the text-window on the top (where i receive and type the messages) is staying on the default frequency of 118.000. That means that even if i tune the right frequency in the radio-controller i am unable to talk to the ATC, except by using private messages. I am using X-Plane 11.41. Can you help me? EDIT: just saw that it works when i use the second radio (COM2) but not the COM1...
  10. For me it's also about respect. Every pilot can report on text but not every text-pilot can use or receive voice. Since the voice-pilots don't report on text anymore, i am not able to know their intentions. So i completely stopped reporting anything as well, because it makes no sense otherwise. So the situation for everyone at the end is worse than before. I don't want to argue which is better or more realistic but to point out that it made the general situation becoming worst than before as everyone was using text on UNICOM and there was more respect. I dont like the fact to be forced to use
  11. It's not only my choice. There are many other like that. So the problem is that all users using text won't be able to listen to the voice-UNICOM. This problem didn't exist before when everyobdy used UNICOM with text. So the quality of interaction on UNICOM dramatically decreased.
  12. Seriously, i am not happy at all with this voice-UNICOM and find it a bad idea. I use text-mode most of the time simply because i am not in the mood at all to talk when i just wake up for example on a sunday morning. It is much more relaxed to use text and not to concentrate on so many different voices i have to listen. And i used to always announce my intentions on UNICOM before when there was traffic around. Now, i barelay receive any information from the surrounding traffic. I guess a few of them use voice? But since i cannot hear it, it makes no sense anymore. That why i stopped writin
  13. Sorry for that but i had the impression my questions would not be answered anymore since other ones were answered more faster and my thread disappeared on the second page. So i made another thread so that the subject can be more visible again. Thanks for your help.
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