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  1. Thanks for your work with Conflict Resolution Norman. No doubt one of the hardest jobs. Was certainly a pleasure working with you as a former Supervisor Best wishes
  2. Very sad news. I worked with Jesus in building VATCAR before he moved on to the South America Division. I also had the pleasure of meeting him for dinner on one of his trips to Miami. A gentle kind person and a pleasure to be with. Will miss him. Sympathies to his family and friends
  3. Hi Robert http://www.vatcar.org. The various FIRs listed will have charts
  4. Norm, I have been using VISTA for about a month and installed VRC. Vista Home premium came with a new system as my old one went to the grave. So Everything is a clean install It works ok with a few issues 1) The target used to be "I" now looks like [. I believe in DSR mode 2) Constant screen flickering or jerking on both monitors 3) ATC message are disappears if I maximize the window, so I have to drag the corners with the mouse to get best possible fit 4) Unable to right click targets to get info etc. It works if I use the .seeall command I am using a dedicated geforce 8800
  5. Theo, the original post was back in 2005 when I was the VATCAR director. I think Haiti still needs a chief. As for other VATCAR jobs I would suggest you write to Pedro or Daniel to see what other help is needed Regards
  6. No problem and sorry for the trouble Thanks
  7. Michal Rename Caribbean to "Central America, Caribbean and Mexico". The rest of the country list that falls under that remains the same. Countries do not have to be moved. If that name is too long to fit the width of the field then an abbreviation like CAMCARMEX or similar would suffice. This is in the Region field. Now when selected the Country field appears as is now and then user can select from what you have shown at present If not workable then let it stay as is Thanks
  8. If thats the direction then for sure the Caribbean countries should not be included with Central America as the Caribbean is a region onto itself. No problem Thanks
  9. I think the confusion comes from the use of the word 'Region". Regions are made up of divisions. Under vatsim the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America fall under the "region of the same name" similar to Canada and the USA fall under the North American Region. So what you could do then to avoid the problem is in the drop down list of arrivals/departures in the region field put "Central America, Caribbean and Mexico" and then leave the country list as is which will show all the countries that belong to the top level region. I hope thats a better clarification. As it was you only had Central
  10. Michal sorry to bother you with this again..Please check this for me and see if you can fix it.. Select a route from North America/Florida/KMIA and then go to the right side 'arriving at'....there isn't a Caribbean region listed...as a result countries like Jamaica, Puerto Rico etc are shown under Central America which is not correct Would appreciate if you could add Caribbean as a region to the arriving section. Many thanks
  11. How many forum posts are needed in order to tell the community Virtual Air Jamaica is around the corner? I think at least two...one in the VA forum an one in this forum , which is more specific to the area. Seems quite in order to me. Good luck with the VA Andre and hope to see you guys online soon.
  12. Any chance of an English post as well? Thanks
  13. I do not see any ILS in the default scenery for MRLB. Only a VOR/DME approach 112.80 Cheers
  14. The web site was littered with some pretty awful postings on the front page. Someone obviously hijacked his email and also the web site. It has since been removed. I hope the culprit is found and well you know the rest B
  15. To Christopher I do not intend to get into any argument or confrontation with you. I would not have posted what I did unless I was advised by Pedro Fernandez that your web site was not approved. It is quite simple. Even if the current web site is under construction there are right ways and wrong ways to do things and as far as what I have seen and read, you are on the wrong track. I think you need to get this properly set up with Pedro Fernandez. Camilo thanks for your courteous reply.
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