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  1. Problem Solved! Although my account is an administrator one and I was running FS9 as administrator, it turns out that the scenery folder didn't have the option of modifying files activated so as soon as i turned of my computer they were erased. Thanks for your tip, Santiago.
  2. Hi guys, I'm having trouble installing scenery on my new computer. I installed fs9 with no problems, then I started installing all of my scenery and that'a when things went sour. What happens is, I install Scenery A and B. Everything looks good, they show up on my scenery library and fs9 says I has to restart. I restart, the new scenery disappears from my scenery list buuut it works just that one time. As soon as I close fs9 it gets deleted. I've tried everything I can think of to no avail. Any clue on how to get past this....I really want to start simming on my new computer.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm helping out a friend who just started out with online flying. I fly on a PC so clueless on Mac's and XSquawk. We've got most of the things sorted out. Just a couple of questions....1. Unlike regular SB, he doesn't have a large selection of aircraft models, is there anyway around this? 2. How do we use private chat/private voice with XSquawk, he gets my private messages but is unable to reply via private msg, only open frequency. Thanks for your help, Santiago.
  4. Actually down in Mexico the default language is Spanish but, as Pablo already said, most controllers also speak English. Just so you don't freak out if you fly to Mexico and start listening to the ATC in Spanish
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