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  1. Not practicing yet, if they were, you would have heard "Runway ## taxi via ##, cross runway ##."
  2. Well said, additionally, if you are freq changed to a tower that does not provide radar services, for example if your IFR into Henderson (HND), the statement (contact Henderson Tower) implies that radar services are terminated.
  3. Wow, didn't know my voice was so popular...lol. Anyways, like most controllers I don't have a very set schedule, but I will tell you this, my days off are Wed and Thurs. Typically, Friday I start at 3 pm, Sat at 1 pm, Sun 8 am, Mon 7 am, and Tue 6 am. This does change quite often, but those are the gerneral numbers. However, if you'd like to find out what my voice sounds like, you can go to the liveatc.net archives. Select Monday, May 10th 1900 - 1930 Z, KLAS Tower. I start in at LC1 (25's) at about 8 minutes in. You can continue listening until about 2008 Z when I get relieved.
  4. I feel ya, but still, that's quite the generalization. Hey I'm not saying we aren't lazy either....we just get in trouble more often for it.
  5. Yes, however, it doesn't mean you will comply. This is where the "Wilco" comes in, but even if you say "Roger, Wilco" we still have to hear "hold short rwy 31".
  6. That's what I'm screamin, jeeez HA! Easy for you all to say, you won't have to say this new phraseology every day 100+ times. When we are in config 3 (land/depart the 1's, land 25L) 25R is an inactive runway and released to the ground controller as a taxiway. For air carriers to get to 1R, they must cross 25R at taxiway D. With the current and soon to be old system, only about 10% of pilots would verify to cross 25R. Now, we'll have to add 4 words to the phraseology, and bot to mention the pilot will read it back. Now, 4 words back and forth may not seem much to you, but when i
  7. Thanks everyone and Gary, I like a challenge
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