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  1. Jessica here is a link that might help you - https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/getting-started
  2. If you microphone does not work with Windows then there is no chance it will work with Vpilot. I did a google of Beat EP headphones and it seems a lot of other people have had the same problem as you. I think these headphone are more designed for mobile devices than for computers. Try updating your Realtek HD audio drivers. Go to device manager and search for updates for Realtek HD audio (that is if you have Realtek audio of course).
  3. Nikos does your microphone get detected by Windows?, have you done a microphone test on windows?
  4. You need to give more information than that for anyone to help you. Did you get an error message when it crashed?
  5. I cannot see how connected to Vatsim would cause the Aerosoft airbus to crash when trying to proceed direct to a waypoint.
  6. Jakob you might have more luck with your problem by asking in the Aerosoft Airbus support forum - https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/863-aerosoft-bus-professional-64-bit-p3d-v4-v5/
  7. I do not use Project Airbus, but might be worth looking at this, it might help - https://talk.pafs.wf/viewforum.php?f=6
  8. If you are just crossing over there airspace at stay for example FL360 and center is not online, their is no need to contact anyone. In regards to your questions about LHBP in the picture. If there is no center or approach/departure online you would contact tower on finals (about 10miles out approximately) or if they contact you first. Every airport is kind of different but that is the rule of thumb I tend to use.
  9. Does Vatsim store or is it possible to view historical Vatsim-data json? I am only talking about the last 24hrs.
  10. I have scrapped the idea of using just speed to work out if an aircraft has arrived or landed. I have managed to get hold of a json file which contains over over 26000 airport and airfields worldwide, it also contains the latitude and longitude as well as elevation of each airport. So now I am looking at basing it from the latitude and longitude relative to the aircraft position to the airport as well as using the aircraft height along side the elevation of the airport it is departing from or arriving too. Now all I need to do it work out how I will code it.
  11. Yes just use the next closest server, which is Singapore.
  12. Many thanks Aidan and Luca for your responses. I was also looking at basing the take-off and landing by going off the speed data, similar to what Luca said. When the speed is above a certain point it will be classed that the aircraft has departed(taken-off) from the departure airport, then when that same flight speed drops below a certain speed it would then be classed as landed at the arrival airport. I think I know where I can get a database of airport elevations, but I believe trying to base take-off and landings based off altitude and airport elevation will be a bit of a headache and
  13. I am looking at creating a Vatsim Stats website/app, but I am a little stuck on how programs determine when a pilot on the network takes-off and lands at an airport using the Vatsim API Json file. It could be done based off the pilots altitude, but every airport has a different elevation, but their is no departure or arrive airport elevation info in the Json file. Does anyone know how take-offs and landing are determined?
  14. Thanks for your response. What about the current stats page, who is responsible for that?
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