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  1. I have created a database from the list of CTR centres on the VATSPY Data project on Github, but the problem I am now encountering is that the database does not match with a lot of the CTR information the VATSIM json file provides. For example the VATSIM json will provide LON_SC_CTR but it will show up as EGTT on VATSPY, same with a lot of other CTR`s another example CHI_81_CTR on the VATSIM json will show as something else in VATSPY. I cannot find anywhere on the VATSPY data project that provides the CTR centres as they appear on the VATSIM json file. I am sure there must be a databas
  2. Yes Vatspy does do what you are looking for. https://vatspy.rosscarlson.dev/
  3. I was looking at that, and might be able to use the data that is on there as well as look at each CTR sector on the Vatspy app itself. What I am looking at doing is creating a database for all CTR, APP, TWR and GRD. I will manually have to do it for CTR, but APP, TWR and GRD should be a little more easy as most of them have the airport ICAO code in front to them, apart from some places in the US which could be a pain. I created the Vatsimstats.net website, so looking at adding a page to the website for controller statistics, which will be tables showing controller hours etc. It will be a
  4. Hello I would like to know if there is a list of all worldwide VATSIM CTR centres anywhere? Maybe there are some VATSIM map app devs out there that maybe have this kind of list within there program.
  5. Many thanks for everyone`s kind words, especially from two VATSIM board of governors, I am really happy that I could contribute in my own way to the VATSIM community after being a member for such a long time. Josh it is possible to do that, but I do not see the point in being able to look at previous 24hrs, as over time there really is very little change at the top of the tables. The same airlines, airports and aircraft types will always be dominate, of course dependent of 3rd part add-ons. The idea of being allowed to see the previous weeks is something that could be implemented in t
  6. Well after sorely missing the German Vatsim website airports stats page that was removed a couple years ago, I decide to create my own Vatsim stat website, which not only shows airports, but also airlines and aircraft types used on Vatsim. In a nutshell the website shows the top 100 most popular airports, top 75 most popular airlines and top 25 aircraft types used on VATSIM, the data was first gathered at the start of the year – 3rd Jan 2021, and the site updates every 24hrs. There is also a search function on the website, so if you do not see your favourite airport or airline on the webs
  7. VATSIM Stats website is now live ( www.vatsimstats.net ) . After many months of late nights and a lot of head scratching my website is finally finished. I had always wanted to see a website that shows the top airport, airlines and aircraft types used on VATSIM. The Germany VATSIM website used to have a very basic updated weekly table of top airports but this unfortunately disappeared a couple of years ago. I decided last year that I want to create something similar but a lot better, not only having airport, but also airlines and aircraft types, with a searchable function. I had no pr
  8. Samer, I edited my last response, check it out, hopefully it will help you.
  9. This would not be Frankfurt (EDDF) you are referring to by any chance? It is common when it is busy at Frankfurt to not get your arrival runway until late on, even STARs can be issued late. How you managed a STAR without a runway - most good addon aircraft allow you to just input the STAR without the need for the runway, but if this is not case then you will normally have a good idea on what runways they are using based off the ATIS info, just stick one of the runways in, and this can always be changed on your FMC later on when ATC give you a rwy assignment. This can be a little daunting
  10. If you use ActiveSky, try turning off wake turbulence and see if that helps.
  11. Jessica here is a link that might help you - https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/getting-started
  12. If you microphone does not work with Windows then there is no chance it will work with Vpilot. I did a google of Beat EP headphones and it seems a lot of other people have had the same problem as you. I think these headphone are more designed for mobile devices than for computers. Try updating your Realtek HD audio drivers. Go to device manager and search for updates for Realtek HD audio (that is if you have Realtek audio of course).
  13. Nikos does your microphone get detected by Windows?, have you done a microphone test on windows?
  14. You need to give more information than that for anyone to help you. Did you get an error message when it crashed?
  15. I cannot see how connected to Vatsim would cause the Aerosoft airbus to crash when trying to proceed direct to a waypoint.
  16. Jakob you might have more luck with your problem by asking in the Aerosoft Airbus support forum - https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/863-aerosoft-bus-professional-64-bit-p3d-v4-v5/
  17. I do not use Project Airbus, but might be worth looking at this, it might help - https://talk.pafs.wf/viewforum.php?f=6
  18. If you are just crossing over there airspace at stay for example FL360 and center is not online, their is no need to contact anyone. In regards to your questions about LHBP in the picture. If there is no center or approach/departure online you would contact tower on finals (about 10miles out approximately) or if they contact you first. Every airport is kind of different but that is the rule of thumb I tend to use.
  19. Does Vatsim store or is it possible to view historical Vatsim-data json? I am only talking about the last 24hrs.
  20. I have scrapped the idea of using just speed to work out if an aircraft has arrived or landed. I have managed to get hold of a json file which contains over over 26000 airport and airfields worldwide, it also contains the latitude and longitude as well as elevation of each airport. So now I am looking at basing it from the latitude and longitude relative to the aircraft position to the airport as well as using the aircraft height along side the elevation of the airport it is departing from or arriving too. Now all I need to do it work out how I will code it.
  21. Yes just use the next closest server, which is Singapore.
  22. Many thanks Aidan and Luca for your responses. I was also looking at basing the take-off and landing by going off the speed data, similar to what Luca said. When the speed is above a certain point it will be classed that the aircraft has departed(taken-off) from the departure airport, then when that same flight speed drops below a certain speed it would then be classed as landed at the arrival airport. I think I know where I can get a database of airport elevations, but I believe trying to base take-off and landings based off altitude and airport elevation will be a bit of a headache and
  23. I am looking at creating a Vatsim Stats website/app, but I am a little stuck on how programs determine when a pilot on the network takes-off and lands at an airport using the Vatsim API Json file. It could be done based off the pilots altitude, but every airport has a different elevation, but their is no departure or arrive airport elevation info in the Json file. Does anyone know how take-offs and landing are determined?
  24. Thanks for your response. What about the current stats page, who is responsible for that?
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