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  1. Hello, any updates on this? In the announcment thread it says - tickets with next 2 weeks or so, well that was about 2 months ago... Any update on the agenda that you can share? More info appreciated Cheers Norbert
  2. Try this for your identification purposes http://www.icao.int/anb/ais/8643/index.cfm Medium Landplane 2 engine Turboprop would be correct
  3. Servus Mirza, i would go for Wednesday's as as the neighbour country is having their online day, and I am sure the Event Team @ VACC-Austria are more than happy to arrange something in style for Slovenja Do you have a good sector file for Euroscope that covers the main airports in LJLJ_Airspace ? or can you point into a good direction... Maybe we are able to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist having LJLJ_Airspace more often online
  4. Why not use the official charts for your approach ? http://www.aipchile.cl/dasa/aip_chile_con_contenido/aip_map/index.php
  5. Did you ensure that you had the correct "position" set prior departure ? check that your "present position" is correct and also check that your flight-plan route is correct by turning to the "PLN MODE" on your EFIS and step through each single waypoint. Had this with a PMDG B738 once about a week ago and that was the issue....
  6. .. and its all over for another year ... Thanks for the organisation... was great fun... we enjoyed every minute... we are going to do it again...
  7. Dobre Michal, i think the "extra pixel" looks terrific Makes it really easier for the eyes to spot the obvious and read something... great idea.
  8. Michal, thanks for info - we`ll have to live with that then
  9. Michal, thats a good question - it runs with the latest "rea-world" AIRAC cycle as it comes from a real-world flightplanning system Is that the problem ? Being to advanced ?
  10. No worries (had to look up the website myself and copy/paste )
  11. typo there in your link to SB3 should read http://www.squawkbox.ca FSUIPC can be found here -> http://www.schiratti.com/dowson
  12. Hello, i am trying to add some real-world flight-plans to the database base most of the times i am having troubles with some points in fairly northern Canada ? for example: flight ELLX-KLAX - real world plan from today original ATC routing DIK2X DIK UN852 TERLA UL608 BUB UM624 TULIP UP1 ROLUM UP13 ASKAM UL7 SUM UH71 LIRKI 6410N 6720N 6930N 7040N 7160N NADMA NCAN 090N LAT50 100A LAT1 YBE J517 EDGES J3 LKV J67 LIN J189 AVE J1 DERBB SADDE6 yields following return when validating: a) ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint UM624 b) ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint NCAN ERROR: Unknown a
  13. Michal, understood . Have already replied to your email.
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