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  1. Same results....https://justpaste.it/5v8dn I de-selected the X-CSL package which I found down-forum it is not suported anymore
  2. Hi Justin, Ever since the new 1.3.* versions came up I'm getting an XP11 freeze upon connection to VATSIM....I've reconfigured my CSL paths and updated C++ as per instructions but this is persistent...this is my upload from yesterday. https://justpaste.it/64sam Same results with 1.3.1 and running always as an administrator Thanks in advance, Carlos
  3. Hard to say...I know I'm not transmitting with Xpilot window active and I'm not heard on voice comms with XP11 active I’m going to bring back the PTT configuration in the next release... should be within the next couple of days. Greatly appreciated Justin, Cheers
  4. Hard to say...I know I'm not transmitting with Xpilot window active and I'm not heard on voice comms with XP11 active
  5. https://www.imageupload.net/image/screenshot-3.G5NWS It recognizes my PTT [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned key but then it seems Xpilot doesn't
  6. https://ibb.co/Nr4Y4Qy Keyboard [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment
  7. Justin, There's definitely something wrong with the PTT button, because the other 2 options of the Xpilot tab work fine...All 3 have been successfully [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned except the one PTT doesn't work
  8. You can definitely try if you haven't done so already. It's not working on my end unfortunately...Doesn't matter which keys (Keyboard/Joystick) i select, Xpilot isn't recognizing it... Hopefully someone who's been able to successfully map it and get it to work can provide some feedback. Cheers
  9. All XP11 accepted keys and Joystick PTT mapped key aren't doing anything...Do you reckon it requires an XP11 restart?
  10. It was moved into X-Plane to support those who use VR headsets. You will need to choose a key that X-Plane supports. You can also map your PTT to a joystick button. "\" is accepted as an option within XP11, that should suffice though right? I tried a couple of other keys with the same result; mapped key in my joystick = same result. Something might not be right...Followed installation instructions to a tee :/
  11. Hi Justin, XPilot is not recognizing the X-Plane PTT defined key. In my case I use "\" but it doesn't recognize any other choose...Are there any advantages in transferring this to the sim? Do you want me to start a new thread about this? Thanks in advance Carlos
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