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  1. Ahh Thanks. Found out how to do it. Awesome.
  2. How do I change the settings for XPlane audio? I easily found the setting for the Xpilot plugin.
  3. Ok so I think I may have posted in the wrong spot. Seems this is a support forum for a seperate AFV program? Newbie error I think.
  4. Hi all, Its been a very long time since i have connected, about 16years. Way back then I had worked out a way to have the audio from ATC chat coming through a headset and all other audio from my surround sound set of speakers. It required 2 audio cards and some crafty editing of ports and software configeration if I recall correctly. Is it possible to do this with todays modern setup. Im using Xplane 11 with Xpilot. I have the same surround speakers I had back then using the on board sound card in the PC and have a USB headset for ATC. Today was the first time Ive connected and got the h
  5. I agree it wont work, yet they sell these as PC headsets!!! And can not find any USB headset locally. Or the needed adapter to make the single 3.5mm work!
  6. Hi there, I was a frequent user of VATSIM about 20yrs ago, boy a lot has changed since then. In setting up for voice coms, is it possible to have only the ATC audio through a headset? Way back when, I used to run two audio cards so I could [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the audio for ATC to one and have cockpit/aircraft noise through a speaker system. Also any headset I can buy that looks half decent has only 1 x 3.5mm connector? WTF when PC has seperate mic and audio jacks?? BTW posting here as Im using Xpilot
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