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  1. Sometimes I like to take off my headset if at cruise and not much going on, or occasionally I want to demonstrate the audio to a second person. In both instances switching from the headset audio to the speakers would be advantageous. Sure, you can do that from the Settings|Audio page, but it would be nice if there was a pair of quick push buttons that would let you set active the headset audio (defined as Output Device1) or the computer speakers (defined as Output Device2), or even both, on the main window. * Orest
  2. Ah, check all that. In any case, one of the big barriers we hear reported these days to VATSIM is the installation of clients. A huge strength of vPilot is its turn-key simplicity in the setup. I'll get something added to our docs, to point folks to it. * Orest
  3. I think it would be a good idea. Easy to add a link, or even just cut & paste it in. It would have saved me some time. * Orest
  4. Got it working, but bottom line I was incorrect in suggesting that it was a FSUIPC offset. The FSUIPC/WideClient pair just uses the regular KeySend command, except that it generates a specific pseudo-keycode press that SB3/SB4/RW expect and understand. FSInn uses its own server/client to communicate the keypress. For vPilot I found this docomeent: http://vpilot.metacraft.com/[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets/Files/vPilotNetworkSetup.pdf ... right on your website, although it doesn't seem indexed for view when browsing. Perhaps you might like to give it some exposure. It just sugges
  5. I will get it for you, if someone else doesn't chime in first. * Orest
  6. Tried that, but can't get it to work. For example I set it to the SCROLL-LOCK button. The scroll lock button would light on the second computer, but vPilot did not seem to recognize it. If someone has got this to work, I'd love to hear from them. Of course most of the keys are already taken. Further, you can't define combo buttons in vPilot (Alt-F9 or Alt-Shf-F9 etc.), and you can't set non-keycode buttons, like just plain Shift in FSUIPIC, so it is a little tricky. The perfect solution lies elsewhere, any chance you can put on the list, to recognize the PTT Com Xmt FSUIPC offsets?
  7. Great new client, unfortunately one big issue for me. The setup is not an unusual one: Primary computer runs FSX and virtually nothing else. The yoke and pedals and various hardware pieces are connected to the primary. The secondary computer runs add on programs like weather, Avialasoft EFB console, Navigraph for charts, etc, as well as my VATSIM client, which is currently FSInn and sometimes SQ4. Simconnect is installed and working. I also have FSUIPC/WideClient running, for the programs that need it. I currently have defined the FSUIPC offset for Xmit to be sent when a yok
  8. I have no doubt that some VAs may indeed fly remembrance flights. I was just commenting that at UVA we do not, at least not officially. Don't read too much into my comments, I was not criticizing at all. In fact, I was thinking of flying in myself to give you some traffic, don't know if it is too late in the day now .... * Orest
  9. Michael, Did you contact the "American" VAs directly? It might be a bit of a touchy subject I think. We have a policy that we don't officially support events that are tied to incidents, notwithstanding all the tremendous help and shelter provided by the good folks who opened up their hearts and homes, in Canada and elsewhere. Now, I'm in an "American" VA, but my home airport is CYFD. Co-incidentally, our Dakota (PA28-236) was going to be flying into Halifax this weekend (RW), but it was canceled due to the weather of course. * Orest
  10. I'd love to come, but kind of a tough time to do so. Any chance of having it also on some afternoons? * Orest
  11. If you hae an internet connection, and a network connection between the two computers, then both computers have an internet connection, that is not an issue. What SB3 is saying, is that it was not able to trigger a multiplayer connection in FS9. You can do this manually by selecting File|Multiplayer|Connect. Use the JOIN option rather than HOST. If you can't do this, then you have a problem with your FSWide-FS9 connection. * Orest
  12. To add to the above, each time zone is called by a letter, there are 24 going from A to Z (I believe I & O are the ones skipped), and the last being Z or Zulu time zone, at Greenwich. Hence the name Zulu Time. * Orest
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