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  1. I just fly the PMDG 737NG and a C172 which has no autopilot and GPS. and i may now and then fly a different type of aircrraft
  2. is there a way to fix it when it happens to the PMDG 737?
  3. Hey Steve Currently VATSIM Oceania servers are down so all rw1.vatpac.org now become rw2.vatpac.org I hope thats of any help to ya! Cheers,
  4. There isnt really that much flights accross the pacific in our area. the main one is accross the Tasman Sea (which isnt the pacific but it sort of is) between Australia & New Zealand. I been accross the pacific twice flying KLAX-YSSY it is a very nice flight hopefully our corner globe starts getting more traffic every where! Cheers,
  5. Steven, Matt missed out the important part of the 50 hrs. From the VATPAC site: yes sorry steve but its very rare a lot of time to get real pilots/ATC around as thats why we can use flight sim. I forgot you were a real pilot I remember helping you setup . BTW has AVC been fixed or are you still getting them errors??? Cheers,
  6. Hey Steve I am pretty sure you need over 50 observing hours though Cheers,
  7. Hey Steve Great to see another Aussie coming in up into our skies!!! OK whats the authintication or what ever it is server you are connecting with???? you might have to download a update for that because some of them may be out of date and since my microphone has been broken for a while I can't remember which one I chose lol I think it was the asia one. there is a Oceania IP update some where but I am not sure. Make sure that you are connected to the VATSIM servers through SB correctly. Make sure your callsign is the very same as you are connected to VATSIM with. Make sure that your Pilot I
  8. Nice pics Mate! New Zealand looks nice Should come here to australia word of warning come in the winter its to hot for me even lol... I hope one day I'll see New Zealand. Cheers,
  9. I have feelling since these new forums have come up online there might might be more traffic in our our area with some new newbies which is great also I hope SB3 will bring over some people from IVAO. What do you guys think? Cheers,
  10. Hi Lukas There is a very easy soloution for your problem.. Do you always going to fly in the one region? if so thats a good thing like I only fly in Australia and I know a few things and I got used to it all it doesnt mean you can't vist other regions your question should be still easy solved... since I have no idea where your flying I'll just use some Australian ideas. Melbourne = ML Sydney =SY Brisbane = BN Hobart = HB see the pattern? now if I was on Melbourne ground ready for a clearence I'll go to my ATC directory and look for ML_GND that would be the one. but if that isnt there look for
  11. G'Day Andy! welcome to the Australian area on the VATSIM forums enjoy your stay
  12. Hi Chris, Yes all thoughs questions are correct I have done them all but the funny thing is that is was working before I reformatted (reformatted because a virus and windows would only start up in safe mode) and I have tried reformatting it since and still no luck. What do you think about a USB microphone? Cheers,
  13. Hi Frenk, The file could be corrupted in a certain way I don't know I am not very good with computers... You could replace it with the same file of another person or you could try re installing FS9... I hope that fixes your problems Cheers,
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