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  1. Will, thanks for the reply once again! Are these all ETOPS 120 rated alternates? Or are some of these ETOPS 180 (777) rated alternates? It seems like some of the American Somoa destinations are a bit far away for ETOPS 120 ratings. In this circomestance, with an aircraft like the 767-300ER, does a place like PHOG switch to a regular alternate? I can recognize Christmas Island being a normal one ... it has neither the staff, nor the facilities, to handle anything but an absolute emergency situation. Andrew
  2. Will, much thanks for the great reply, I will use these in my flightplanning for the Oceania reason from now on! On a side note, are there any web charts available for any of the Emergeny airports you listed? I've tried finding them for places like Christmas Is., only to fail. Secondly, is there any reason places like PHOG are Emergeny Only, while others with shorter runways are not? Thanks, Andrew
  3. Does anyone in VATPAC know of any list of South Pacific ETOPS alternates for Tahiti, Nadi, Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne? Any guidance would be appreciated. I'm specifically looking for airports between the Hawaiian island chain and Tahiti (Kiribati?), and between Tahiti and Auckland. Andrew
  4. I unfortunately disagree. As OLBA is Lebanon and Beirut's only international airport, since it is closed in real life, I see no problem with closing it on VATSIM. Just as if Los Angeles International here in the U.S. was inoperative for a long period of time, flights from airline schedules etc. would disappear. That aside, I realize p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ions are high about this. However - statements made by both sides about the Hezbollah attacks being terrorist attacks or state sanctioned acts of war should not be tolerated. Here in the United States, many of us feel conflicted. Personally, I am sad to see that OLBA, a beautiful airport, is now closed ... along with Beirut, another gorgeous city. I hope this is resolved fast, but regardless, I think Lebanese controllers are right to simulate real world operations if their FIR/Region decides to do so. It is they, and not other regions on VATSIM, that ultimately must make that decision.
  5. I think Mr. Klain was simply advertising an event, and providing for an alternate, since a normally occuring event is cancelled this week. Nothing hypocritical about it. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Paul, I take personal offense at your message. The training program we have developed in the past few months has been one of the more superb ones in VATUSA. We currently have several Instructors, and a mentoring program which has been consistently putting in 10-15 hours per student before they even ponder taking a VATUSA exam. Perhaps your time at ZSE was different, but all things change with time, and ZSE has certainly changed for the better. Ask some of your friends at VCAir who regularly fly into ZSE, as well as a variety of other VAs which have hosted events in our airspace in the past few months. We have received nothing but rave reviews. Before you begin making accusations and flaming hard working, dedicated people in VATUSA, get a life and think about what you say. If you perceive there to be a serious problem with the level of controllers available at ZSE, I'd like you to meet several of the new students we have, many of who are private pilot / commercial pilot certified and putting in hundreds of hours a week. Cheers mate, hope you are enjoying your time in Jacksonville ARTCC. Meanwhile, I hope not to hear a damn thing from you. There is no room for people who have nothing better to do than trash on hard working dedicated folks in our hobby. Andrew
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