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  1. Hi Mike, The credentials you received from VATSIM are only required if you would like to connect your flight simulator to the online Vatsim network. To do this you will need a pilot client interface such as Squawkbox or FSInn. The VATPAC website does not require a log on, however the VATPAC forum does. Just register with the forum and you should be good to go. Welcome to the VATPAC division in the Oceania Region of VATSIM Jeff Smith, VATOCE2 Deputy Region Director Oceania
  2. You can expect to change your course at your minimum decision altitude just before you reach BCGNM.
  3. Hi Matt, No worries, a few of us here are also visiting controllers in either Shanwick or Gander. I may be available around 1700z, but your best bet would be to post in the VATCAN and VATUK oceanic forums if you have not done so already. Good Luck with your event!
  4. Awesome doesn't give you justice Andreas...... How about jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, exhilarating, ...... and alot more adjectives I now understand why you like flying in NZ on VATSIM, when there is control..... I've been to NZ many times and haven't seen the beautiful scenery which you were fortunate to see. I like the advertisement for NZ..... Let's Keep it here!
  5. Thanks, I was able to recover that file from another computer and have saved it with my sweatbox one.
  6. my servers.txt file is MT.... any help?
  7. Ia Orana Adam, I see you are not an ATC controller yet. If you are a member on VATSIM in the Oceania region you must select a division. Either VATPAC or VATNZ. French Polynesia and New Caledonia are under the jurisdiction of VATPAC on VATSIM (but VATNZ and VATPAC have equal rights to control in either division). If you are not a membero of Oceania then please follow the instructions I gave William Monroe in the thread above. Once you have selected your division, contact the divisions training department for scheduling training to get your career as a virtual ATC started. The d
  8. Hi Bill, Great to hear your interested in controlling in Tahiti. First you have to change regions. Go to www.vatsim.net and select on the left pane "Member Services" and "Account Changes". Next Select change region and choose "Oceania" You will also have to select the VATPAC division Once the transfer takes place you will get a welcome email from the Oceania Division & VATPAC. Once you receive the welcome emails go to the www.vatpac.org website and review the training criteria. Good Luck
  9. Hello Todd, google OBBI ICAO CHARTS and you will find the charts. http://www.caa.gov.bh/ais/pdf/Aip%20Main/AD/ADINDEX.pdf This should answer all of your questions regarding Bahrain's airspace and the charts. enjoy
  10. Jean-Francois, Greetings and Ia ora na French Pacific Control Group (FPCG) members still have visiting controller status in NTTT & NFFF fir. Stan is still a member of FPCG so his rights have not changed. He can open TWR or APP. All others wishing to have visiting controller status in Tahiti, contact Rob Hooley VATPAC division director rob(at)vatpac(dot)org
  11. Greetings, Rolling Thunder 2008 is in progress in Australia. ATC LAN party is set up at Bankstown Airport with multiple controllers controlling in Oz. Here is the remaining schedule of events thru Sunday: Saturday 19th April 0000-0400 UTC: SE Corner (Sydney to Hobart) 0400-0900 UTC: Melbourne Madness (IFR at ML and VFR at EN) 0900-1300 UTC: KFC Part A (SE NSW/ACT) Sunday 20th April 0000-0400 UTC: Queensland Coast - Cooly to Cairns 0400-0900 UTC: KFC Part B (SE NSW/ACT) 0900-1300 UTC: The Grand Finale - Sydney, including the VOZ 4th Birthday Party For those wishing to pa
  12. Mark, I've already booked NZZO_FSS in vroute (NZZC_FSS????) - I think you're still on your high from T[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ie C U Sunday
  13. Ia ora na, Welcome, Bienvenidos, Como vai! See you in the skies
  14. Stan Good News. For an endorsement on Oceanic control (FSS) send an email to [email protected] with the following information: Full name: VATSIM ID Number: VATSIM Email Address: Home City: I require: Access to the Moodle training module for Oceanic Course Upgrade from » to: Oceanic Endorsement Also explain that you are a visiting controller from France vACC Be prepared for an intense training course and all material and support will be provided by VATPAC. Good Luck in France and with the Oceanic Endorsement. Contact me if you need help with the course.
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