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  1. Starting next Monday, December 17, we will be holding our first competition! The basic concept for the competition is to increase the knowledge base of articles available on Aviation Downunder. To enter, you must submit an article about an aspect of aviation in Australia that you feel will improve the quality of the website. One winner will receive a copy of the 2007 CASA Visual Flight Guide, containing essential visual flight rules information including pre-flight planning, operations and emergency procedures. For more information on how to enter, and the terms and conditions
  2. vatsim.net/prc Have a read of that, then a re-read, then read once more for good luck. It covers everything you need to know on what software to download and how to get connected. If you're still unsure, then do feel free to ask some specific questions on the forum. Good luck.
  3. I think this has gone far enough, with "JJ" Vodnansky posting both here and in General Discussion about how apparently [Mod - lovely stuff]py the rules of the network are. From an 81xxxx member id, I would have expected he's been around for a fair while, so why an outburst now? Maybe he lost a winning lottery ticket or something. He should try something I heard off the TV, write down all your wrongdoings in the past and try to set them straight.....
  4. I can only touch on a couple of your questions as I am not farmiliar with the VATUSA system. The 'rankings' for ATC are as follows: Observer/Pilot (Obs), which means you can log onto ASRC or VRC and watch and listen, but cannot actively control. Next is Student 1 (S1), what this allows is different for each division and ARTCC, but it effectively means you can actively control, usually only on tower or ground. Next is Student 3 or senior student (S3), and again means different things in different areas, but usually allows you to control Approach/departure control and centres. To progr
  5. Mate, this are Australian sector files, the ones you asked for...therefore they will not show Los Angeles as they only have a small area relevent to the sector. If you want LA files, goto the ZLA website and download from there.
  6. Goto the Vatpac siteL http://www.vatpac.org, which is the homepage of the Australian division of the Oceanic region. From the side bar select Airspace->sector files->Australia. The files you'll need to download are the YMMM, YBBB and oceanic sector files, which are the first three on the page and contain all the sector files listed below them, and the position file available at the bottom of the page.
  7. There wouldn't be a division solely for the islands simply beacuse there isn't enough interest in controlling or flying to them. But, saying that, a division specifically for them may arouse interest.
  8. Hi Shaun, http://vatsim.net/prc will answer just about every question you could think to ask about starting on Vatsim, I suggest you read, re-read and the read again for good measure. To answer your question, however, if there is no controller online, simply file your flight plan as normal (in case one does come on so they know what you are doing), goto your departure airport, remembering to log on off the runway and fly your flight announcing your intentions on the text-only unicom channel of 122.8. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  9. Perhaps you should focus on one thing instead of posting loads of posts for both Aus and NZ army groups. Also, a post on the Vatpac forums may arouse more interest as more people go there whom you are trying to target.
  10. I was under the impression that a pilot has every right to not accept a SID/STAR, particularly when they are new. If it was busy, like during a fly-in, it is a different story, but if it is fairly quite, the controller should either give you vectors to your first fix, or explain, n a private chat, what a SID is and where to find the info.
  11. First off, welcome to Vatsim! Secondly, go here: http://vatsim.net/prc it has just about everything you need to know to get started. If you're still lost after reading that through a few times, post again with some specific questions and we'll try and help .
  12. Very good luck to you, hopefully a greater pacific presence will increase traffic out there. Just be prepared for some lonely sessions for a while but
  13. Just saw poll results, and what a perfect normal distribution we have here. It just proves that people on Vatsim are 100% average.
  14. What about 'I plan to download the torrent 30 seconds after it is released'? Of course that would be illegal, and I'm sure noone will do that....
  15. I wasn't being negative about it, I was just saying be prepared to wait a while before you start to see a large pilot base.
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