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  1. Besides turboprop aircraft, why would any other pilot, namely of jet engine aircraft want to file an altitude below 10,000 ft? Correct me if I am wrong, since I am not a real world pilot, but don't jet engines operate more efficiently at higher altitudes?
  2. Did you double check and made sure your CID and/or password were entered correctly? Another possibility is the aftermath from the network outage yesterday, I could not connect whatsoever to VATSIM, it was due to a technical issue which was fixed a couple of hours later.
  3. Oh..okay. I thought that was a permanent list.
  4. Thanks for the help Ross & Aylar. I will keep the list of servers on google drive in case this situation arises in the future.
  5. Funny thing is, I see a fellow vZHU controller on VATSpy..might have got on before the network problems began.
  6. So looks like it may be a network issue. Will wait for an official response though to be sure.
  7. Whenever I loadup VRC now, it shows 0 servers downloaded to the server.txt file. I have tried restarting VRC and reinstalling VRC to no avail. I tried disabling windows defender, thinking anti virus might be interfering, but that was not the case. It was working fine last Saturday for an event that I was working. Not sure if this is a network issue or if I am missing something.
  8. Ah...thanks Ross. Glad I found out before setting up macro deck for VRC use.
  9. Yeah I saw the option to enable a stream deck in audio for vatsim. But not sure what I would configure the buttons for. On the ATC side, I suppose the only thing I can do is try with VRC (The ATC Client I use) and see what happens 🙂
  10. Do any of the ATC Clients support stream decks? I use an app called macro deck, which is a stream deck type app, but all the hardware you need is an android device. I use it on my Samsung Tab A and in truck simulator and I have found it works very well for that particular simulator.
  11. That puts it into perspective for me from a pilot's point of view. Never thought something like the above would lead to unforseen complications for the pilot. Learned something new and now I know I have to phrase certain clearances very carefully so as to not cause further confusion for pilots.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Going to take some getting used to doing it the runway number then wind, but I will get there
  13. Just coming back as a controller here on VATSIM . In the past, I have used the following phrase to clear an aircraft for take off when there are no other aircraft on the active departure runway(s): Aircraft123 runway one five left cleared for takeoff without delay. Doing my research, I have found out the proper phraseology is the following: Aircraft 123 runway one five left cleared for immediate takeoff In the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter which phrase I use?
  14. Good point That's what I figured, but just wanted to check, would have been nice to have a back up. Thanks for the reply.
  15. This is not a question out of ignorance, but a genuine question, since I am just returning to VATSIM. I am attempting to configure voice, using the communications system that was built into VRC, but found that the VATSIM voice servers were taken down in favor of Audio For VATSIM. I was hoping that the built in communications within VRC could be configured as a backup to Audio For VATSIM, just in case things go awry with the latter. I don't think it is possible to configure the cooms system within VRC at this point? Thanks in advance.
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