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  1. That's not a whole lot of Canada you offered him
  2. IRL, HF refers to a form of radio communication.. not radar. Not sure what you think it means.
  3. Apply to guest control in ZEG FIR then, Andrew. Lead by example.. if you decide to go out there, maybe you'll get someone else interested in it too.
  4. Is it too much to listen to what Larry is telling you, and follow it? I mean come on, man, he's really trying to help you out.
  5. You can't type with a joystick, so you'll use the keyboard for that part. It's up to you as to whether or not you use a joystick to fly.
  6. Well it appears you answered your own question there, Trace.. "But times like right now (2051Z) Europe is PACKED with ... controllers"
  7. You don't need teamspeak to control or fly online - period.
  8. Perhaps the instructor had a beta copy of TWRTrainer?
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