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  1. Congratulations Dave. Hoping to see the Division fulfil its potential.
  2. I'd say that if operating in an ATC Zero environment, advise on UNICOM that you're backtracking and advise when the runway has been vacated. If on a controlled ATC environment, Tower will be aware of that and probably even clear you for the backtrack.
  3. Roman, I think you touched a very interesting topic. The search for balance between quantity and quality will always be an interesting one. I flew today on the LPMA event, where they introduced slots and for which I did not have a booking. I was expecting delays, naturally, and loaded up on fuel. Went through three different holds but I will honestly say that I had a wonderful experience. I think slots / bookings can and should be an interesting option to manage workloads, both for airports and enroute centers. No one enjoys a queue, but it does make it fairer for those who book
  4. Are tuned to UNICOM on both COM1 and COM2 and both are on?
  5. Seems to be working fine for me. They have been developing a v2, I believe. What seems to be the problem?
  6. Super nit-picky on my part, I know... but why was the expression Indicators used for what is clearly Badges? https://my.vatsim.net/indicators When I saw it on the menu, I was expecting (KP)Is. Was a bit thrown off. Anyway, just popped in to comment on that. The new Intranet is looking super smooth. Kudos to the team. - MA
  7. I'm just putting it out there... get Kennedy Steve to do an Event on Vatsim and let's figure how to do it for Charity.
  8. Never got mine. Just checked spam and nothing. But I don't want to make a fuzz about it. Keep up with the great work.
  9. Thank you for the quick response. I figured that much, but thought it might stay up for a bit longer (I was actually going to review the EHAM Pilot Briefing for notes) and see if the feedback form was there. Wouldn't it make sense to have at least a redirect to a Generic Event is Over Page, or even to the Vatsim homepage? The Cloudflare page is the last thing I would want to see 🙂
  10. Hi guys. First of all, what an outstanding event. On an EHAM OTHH flight, i think I went through 25 controllers or more. Very professional, very on top of things. I had a blast and I'm coming for more. Having said that, what happened to the event website? It's down?
  11. Allow me to pitch in, but we can actually make it even simpler. Since what I'm presenting serves, for now, as a simple purpose, to redirect traffic to the regional websites, you don't actually need a centralized database. One could simply argue that the data quality can be relegated to the regions. Let's say we start with an empty database of FIRs. Allow the regions to populate their side of the database (git seems interesting) with a basic set of ICAO codes and their unique URLs (this even helps ensure that regions keep updated information on their sites). Sure, one would want
  12. Oh wow, I was not expecting this to get any feedback soon, but I really appreciate the comments. Seems that some ideas do have some purpose. Now, I'm not a developer by any means, so I cannot really help in that way. But if there's need on the Project Management side of things, let me know how I can help.
  13. Hi Team, I had an idea today that I thought I might share, for what it's worth. How about creating a basic microsite who's single role is to redirect pilots to the respective pages at the regional websites. Pilot goes to https://airports.vatsim.net/EPWA and it automatically redirects to https://pl-vacc.org.pl/airports/epwa.php Redirects could be registered and managed by the regional vACC teams. Why? Helps pilots access useful information sources through direct links (which can later be integrated with other external tools (simbrief, for example) without having them go
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