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  1. Yes good luck with the 1300 hours... Ive got over 800 hrs with the rfp 742 with my cargo va, and since moved to the 744, but do the occasional 742 run to keep my type rating current. The rfp 742 is a great plane, and is very complex to operate, but you do not need 1300 hours to instuct on this plane....
  2. oh boy.... do I feel foolish now.... There is my problem, not looking at the runway approch chart... Most other airports I fly to start to vector you around and give you altitudes, so I usually do not look at the runway chart. Since at fuelr, you are very much lined up for the runway anyways, I just [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed one would capture the gs from there.... ATC was on last night (center only) and was excellent service by the way, and he did clear me for ils25L approch. My mistake... well you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the input guys.....see ya in the vskys...
  3. Hi, I hope someone here can answer this... I have been flying flights into lax on the seavu1, for rwy 25L. The aircraft follows the waypoints ok, (pmdg744) no problem but the chart says to cross fuelr at or above 7000, which I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you hold at 7000 until capture of the localizaer/ glideslope. Trouble is, when the loc/gs pops up on the panel, a few miles later, I am well above the gs and have to drop down rather quickly to catch it (its a cargo plane so no complaints from pax) or do a go around. Last night after fuelr, I let the aircraft desend to 6000, where I just c
  4. My post was not out to blame or critisize any controler here. As stated above, in my other post, the new atlanta controler had just come on line and was fairly busy with other pilots at the time, so I probably just fell through the cracks here, so to speak. Servinfo, states that khsv, is owned by atlanta center, so I was expecting atlanta to vector me in, but now I see it is different for that airport and next time I will know what to expect. If I had known at the time about the airspace differences, I would have requested a holding decent pattern to 8000, it indeed that was possible. I h
  5. Well, Ok, in all fairness to the controlers, at about 30 miles or so before my tod, the ztl controler went offline, or controlers changed, because after a few minutes a new contorler came on. He asked me to contact him on his frq. I contacted him, and he gave me radar contact. By now he is busy with other planes, and I am well pasted tod. I request decent from him since khsv has no star. He gives me a decent to fl240. At fl240 I am about 20 miles from the airport. The contoler comes on and says he is having problems handing me off to zme .A couple more minutes later, he tells me now to decent
  6. What is up with khsv?? Flew from ellx to khsv today. All went well until my decent into khsv, ztl tried to hand me off to zme, but he did not want me. He finally took me, but he did not seem to happy. I was very disapointed with the final minutes of this long flight. On servinfo khsv looks like it is in both centers. I could use some clarification on this airport as it is one my va uses from time to time. Next time I will disconect at tod so not to annoy any controler.
  7. I got ulimate roads when it first came out, then ultimate terrain US, they gave a discount if you aleady had the roads. Then I got ultimate terrain canada/alaska. Both are worth every penny. I am sitll looking at ultimate terrain europe, but I have been holding off on payware stuff because of fsx.
  8. Just remember the proper call proceedure when entering Canadian airspace, as an example,..." Toronto Centre, Polar 1287 at flight level 330, hows it goin' eh?..."
  9. Hi Joseph, welcome to vatsim, a wise man, my father, once said to me, "son, there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers" that being said, were do I go to sign up to get paid an outrageously high wage??
  10. Ancorage, (panc) has for a long time now, been one of my favorite airports to fly in and out of. Sunrise or sunset always looks fantastic. Pity there is usually not much atc or other traffic there most times....
  11. It was sure a good time, but I too came into Boston airspace near the end, thanx to all the controlers who made it possible.
  12. I think what he is asking is why when tampa to toronto is a north route, he was sent 125nm south of tampa then north again. Seems like a long way around tampa. total distance would be 250 nm, that would use up some fuel he may need at the other end. Dont know why atc would do that, new controler perhaps?
  13. Wycliffe, ah yes the "Lumberjack song" definatly a cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic in my book.... Talent and witt never to be topped...
  14. As a Canadian, British humor is not for everyone over here.... monty python, benny hill, etal, simply halarious to me . Rented a monty pyhton movie some time ago, me and my step son rotflobo, while my wife just could not understand the humor... sad really...
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