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  1. This is a FYI for anytime you fly in the N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au Area on VATSIM. There's been some big changes that have come to the N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au FIR and Miami Oceanic airspace. We've detailed these new changes on a post on the VATCAR website. Before your next flight around the Bahamas, check this post out to find out about these changes! https://vatcar.org/website/changes-to-n[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au-fir-miami-oceanic-airspace/
  2. Since I am unwelcome here let me respond I don't really care where you fly, or how you fly. What I am merely pointing out is the way you have been describing it is not the golden standard. Example I can depart with RVR 5/5/5 and ALL have to be controlling, the only requirement is that the HIRL and CL are operational, RCLM are not required so I don't have to see anything visually, just the lights (and no I for sure don't count them). The runway either has the appropriate lights installed for low visibility takeoffs or not, its simple as that. The 737 is authorized to takeoff even lower
  3. I’m sorry, but what? RVR, the equipment that measures Runway Visual Range, isn’t located on the runway? Unless you’re referring to a scenario where you’d be on a non-RVR Runway at an airport where not all runways have RVR equipment, that statement is categorically incorrect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runway_visual_range It is important to understand exactly how RVR is designed to be able to apply the information it provides in a useful manner. A sensor measures the incoming light from a light located a fixed distance away, and translates this to a distance the pilot should be able
  4. N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au FIR has immediate opening for the position of Training Administrator. Job description and requirements can be found below. Interested applicants are requested to submit a letter of interest to [email protected][Mod - Happy Thoughts]au.vatcar.org . Training Administrator The TA is responsible for administration, development, and oversight of the N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au FIR training program. The TA will be responsible for the development and maintenance of all FIR training material, to include courses, quizzes, and additional supplemental docomeentation. The TA will b
  5. Event Cancelled Reference: https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=7904.0
  6. Please visit and like our new Facebook Page! We are taking a whole new approach to social media on Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the community. You will see news about the ARTCC posted, event information, when controllers are online and more! Please visit this link https://goo.gl/LD16NP
  7. No grudge or bashing was intended by me either...I just wanted to know the understanding by the decision to do this was...which I kinda figured was for VATSIM purposes that Alex and Robbie explained Thank you!
  8. This topic of discussion never made sense to me on why VATSIM did this... I dont know if the ZMA folks know about this or not but MYNN FIR does not even exist in the RW...if VATSIM is here to simulate real world procedures (as much as possible) then why do we have a MYNN_CTR that can log on when none actually exist. The airspace above the Bahamas Islands is controlled by MIA_CTR until you get out far enough to reach oceanic, the underlying areas below 6000' is controlled by N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au Control or whatever approach serves that island. So why on VATSIM is there allowed to be a
  9. Great idea guys...this should be a nice addition to the forums! Thanks!
  10. Without giving my opinion on this issue...lets just look at the facts now then Gary you said this: How many people have signed up now?? is it more or less then this 25%?? You might say its to early to tell but usually whatever numbers you have provide a strong indication on how well the program is doing.
  11. One thing I would like to point out also... When controlling a CTR position on VATSIM the controller is most of the time working the entire ARTCC by himself on a normal night, when an event comes along some ARTCC's split it more up then others depending on what they think is necessary. If you were flying into a major airport in RW every possible CTR sector is manned (relatively speaking they do combine/decombine based on traffic loads but lets just say everything is open)...Kevin you are right the CTR has no idea what your TOD is nor he doesnt need to know. If you are cruising along at FL3
  12. Why cant all events in VATUSA be posted in the local time zone for the hosting ARTCC/airport??? There are plenty of tools available via GOOGLE which can convert it to your local time zone if needed. I think this would prevent any future mis-understandings with this issue.
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