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  1. Rob, did you find the right link? https://my.vatsim.net Login with SSO and you have access to lots of awesome new services, including the new prefile page. While it's annoying that some software and 3rd party web services do not support this change yet, VATSIM can't be expected to represent every variation of 3rd party flight planning facilities. It's made a change to it's network (for the good) and those other services need to catch up or face being replaced by others who do. To all the "whoa me" postss about long equipment strings in controller clients. Talk to the cont
  2. "contactme" is NOT being accosted. It's simply a controller saying "Hey there, would you mind giving me a call please?"
  3. I wonder what airline pilots did before FMCs and VNAV were invented?
  4. Hi, Sorry for the delay in checking back here. An update to XPilot had firstly cleared the Path to CSLs in the options and when I re-set it up there were some changes to how the path was read. I had originally used \'s in the path and never had an issue with a previous version, but the latest update seemed to want /'s. Also the path no longer accepts spaces (if you enter them in they are removed when you load the CSLs. This was never a problem before either and required me to rename the folder I had the CSLs in. I have now rolled back to 1.2.1 beta as I am not using vulka
  5. Yes. The users would have had time to digest and test both thier systems and the new client. Perhaps a more measured approach would have been to have the pilot client report the problem without the disconnect for a while to make users aware that they cannot continue to operate this way. Sure the message may not have reached everyone as not everyone is involved with the community as much as others. But such time may have given the oppotunity for the news to propogate through the varius supporting communities. As it was, the announcement was made and 24 hours later, users were being disconn
  6. Hi Norman and all, My "under the carpet" remark was a little tongue in cheek I admit. I want to point out to everyone commenting on the change that was made that I am not against the frame rate limit. I am actually all for it, if it is applied in a measured and considered way. I think that its current implementation (and this has improved greatly over the past few days), gives rise to more problems than it solves with pilots leaving and rejoining the mix very regularly. Personally this change hasn't affected me. I have the means to keep my equipment updated and have been able
  7. Yeah I was a little disappointed that the main point of the post was apparently missed. Alas it's been conveniently moved to the hidden, inaccessible forum now (aka swept under the carpet).
  8. Ah right, I did try looking there. I kept getting redirected back to the index whenever I tried to enter that forum. Obviously very broken.
  9. Where did my forum post go? If it was removed can I please have an explanation of why?
  10. Hi Evan, Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't doubt that it causes problems. My beef is not so much with the change but the way it's come about. There has been little to no community involvement until after the fact and the response to the feedback has been somewhat disappointing. One issue that's been raised by a fellow controller is the number of aircraft that are now disappearing and reappearing within the traffic picture because of this change. This isn't always slow traffic but people who are in no way interfering with the sequence at all Suddenly not being there for a
  11. OPEN LETTER TO VATSIM Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Greg Barber and I have been a VATSIM user since 2004 having helped administer this network up to Divisional Director level. The statements below are my own feelings about have VATSIM have approached a recent change and in no way reflect the views of any organisational level that I represent. What I write below is not intended to single anyone out, but to hopefully generate a team effort fix the unintended issue that have arisen. If you share or disagree with these views, feel free to join the conversation below. Recentl
  12. I heard someone say that X-Plane must be the window in focus for the PTT to work which is an undocomeented change I suspect.
  13. Hi, Ok next time I see it, I'll be sure and save the log.txt. It happens in the cruise. I generally get around 80FPS then. I know the other guy who saw it had a beefy PC and gets at least these FPS in cruise.
  14. Hi All, Having just completed almost all of Worldflight using XPilot, the software held up pretty well. One issue I saw a couple of times (and I am not aware of it being reported before) on my system and on another persons system via a stream is the occasionaly freeze of all traffic. This manifest itself during the cruise with all the traffic ahead of you appearing in more or less one place, at their respective levels. You slowly close up on them and then p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] all the traffic at once. Disconnecting from VATSIM and reconnecting seems to fix the problem but it's lik
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