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  1. I say a lot of things when I'm drunk. I can neither confirm nor deny those statements 😄
  2. Hi Rahul, I think Kyle was just explaining the procedure that we would use when dealing with a non-responsive pilot. As it is, when we attend a wallop, one of the first things we do is access the members cert record. As regards when you should wallop. Coming from uncontrolled airspace or if you've just signed on, I'd say give it 5, maybe 10 mins from the contactme unless you have conflicts coming up. There's always a chance there could be an innocuous/temporary reason why the pilot is not there (stepped out for a smoke, went to the loo etc.). If the pilot has already been in conta
  3. Hi, As regards the initial intent of this thread, as long as the pilots intentions are clear to me, I really don't care if they say "Can we get lower?", "we're near TOD, any chance of lower?" or "request lower". I'll give them lower when I can. If I need clarification, I'll ask them. Same with any other procedure and I'd do the same to ATC if I wasn't clear on their intentions towards me as a pilot (more people should do this). Cheers!
  4. Hi Michael, It varies considerably. I have sat there for a few hours without receiving a single wallop and then there are other nights, where we can be run off our feet with a wallop every few minutes. Weekends are usually busier. Cheers!
  5. Hi Marcus, That sounds strange. I know when I respond to a non-responsive pilot, I do ask when the 1st contactme was sent, for my reference and then for entry on the cert record (it will have no bearing on when I remove the member). But to ask for a screen capture from you, seems a little bit extreme. The only thing I can think of is if the pilot in question was actually going to DCRM for further action because of recurrent behaviour. Then we are obliged to provide evidence to DCRM in relation to the case. But any DCRM I've dealt with in relation to an unresponsive member was happy with a
  6. Good luck Ross. I'm sure this is going to be just as stunning as VRC/Twr Trainer/VATSpy and the PMDG Fuel Planner. You've done some amazing work for this network and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say: Thank you brother! Cheers!
  7. Hi Ian, I'd unpack the RAR file (it's a compression method, like ZIP). You may need a program like WinRAR to do this as I'm not sure if WinZIP can unpack RAR files. Once upacked, you'll see the EXE file. Also, check out his FSUIPC settings file. One thing though, it does look like you may need a registered version of FSUIPC to apply these settings. Not sure if it will work correctly with a non-registered version. Cheers!
  8. Well, as I said, they would be asked as a last resort. Part of getting to the last resort would be asking the controller if he would handle the target squawking standby. If they're willing, then no need to ask for a disconnect. But, if they are unwilling, then as a last resort, I'd ask the pilot to disconnect. I'm not here to argue about whether it is right or wrong for a controller to deny this. But they have the right under the CoC not to have a pilot squawking standby in their airspace (B4). Cheers!
  9. Instead, you come here as a newbie and whine about people asking questions. Absolutely. But you do realise what one method of educating yourself is? Asking questions, which the poster did and he is getting them answered to hopefully educate him further on how you operate on VATSIM. Mark, you do actually have some valid points, if you dig past the hyperbole. However, the style you put them across with is aggressive, condescending and pretty rude. You could have made all the points you wanted to make without resorting to calling people names. That's why I posted that section of the CoC
  10. Mark, You could also add (just for the likes of yourself): 6. What's the Code of Conduct and why don't I bother reading it? It's HERE by the way. Read it sometime and remember it next time you post. Cheers!
  11. Heh, I should really take some of my own advice . Thanks Ernesto. I don't know, we try to hammer it into everyone to call a SUP and we can help to sort these types of problems. I've had the same problem though (pilots unable to sq normal) when working as a controller. Most times it can be resolved by pointing them in the direction of the client. But the odd time that hasn't worked, I have told the pilot that they would need to sort that problem out as it becomes difficult to control a pilot that is squawking standby (and it's also a violation of the CoC). I haven't told them to discon
  12. Yeah, Before we go down down the "lets crucify the controller" road again, why don't we actually pay attention to what Scot said and did (as Ryan has also pointed out). He prefiled a plan as NWA3005 and connected as "NWA". Therefore his plan did not [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate with his connection. All the controller asked him to do was to disconnect, change his callsign (so the plan would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate with him) and then reconnect so full service could be provided. It's a much easier method than explaining how to file a plan through SB/FSInn itself or by creating a whol
  13. Hi, The hard drive RPMs also are a bit on the low side meaning that access times for scenery etc. will be reduce and may cause lag. I'd recommend at least at 7200rpm drive. Cheers!
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